Thousands Lose Power in Lakewood, GSP to Close South of 129


tree-downLakewood, NJ – Over 2,000 people in Lakewood have lost power. Areas affected include portions of Ridge Avenue, Brook Hill Estates, County Line Road, and East Seventh Street.

The outage is an ominous development, especially since the heavy portion of Hurricane Sandy hasn’t yet hit the area. It could be hours, or possibly days, before power is restored, according to JCP&L, the energy provider for Lakewood.

Tress are down across Lakewood, causing the power outages.

All residents are asked to remain indoors and not venture out unless it is necessary.

In other developments, if you insist on driving through the rains of Hurricane Sandy, your roadway options are going to be more and more limited as the day goes on.

The Garden State Parkway, at 4 p.m., will close in both directions below Exit 129 in Woodbridge Township. Northbound tolls on the Parkway remain suspended.

In addition, weather conditions have prompted speed restrictions of 45 mph on the New Jersey Turnpike for the nearly hundred miles south of Exit 12.

“Motorists should anticipate significant closures on the Turnpike and Parkway as conditions continue to deteriorate throughout the day and into the evening,” Gov. Chris Christie said this afternoon during his latest hurricane briefing in Ewing. “As I’ve said again, stay off the road. You’re not just putting yourself in danger, but you’re putting others’ lives in danger.”

All NJ Transit train and bus service is suspended under further notice.

PATH trains stopped running just after midnight.

New York’s Holland and Brooklyn Battery tunnels closed at 2 p.m., a day after subway service shut down for only the second time in its history.

Lakewood residents may wish to keep the following numbers handy:

Police: 732.363.0200

Hatzolah: 732.370.3600

Chaveirim: 732. 370.2229

Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch: 732.367.1212

JCP&L: 888.544.4877

{Dov Newscenter}


  1. NPGS at James street is letting people use their fridges and freezers should your power go down. You can just bring your bags or boxes to the store and they will tell you where to put them. Your name and phone # must be on the box or bag.

    All NPGS’s close at 6:00 PM today

  2. I feel bad for our brothers and sisters who have no power right now, what can I say, perhaps it’s a message from Hashem that we are putting out Hashems light by not doing enough for his Kovod. No need to give specific examples everybody knows what they have to rectify to make Hashem proud of us.

    The Chofetz chaim used to say that if we have Tznius we have the Sechinah with us and if not than Chas VeSholom not, but who am I to know I am not the Chofetz chaim in any way shape or form.

    One thing for sure that we can’t say it just happened due to the bad weather, remember it’s all coming from Hashem to give us some type of message.


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