Thompson Ends NYC Mayoral Bid


thompsonThe next stage in New York’s mayoral race is set to begin. Bill Thompson will reportedly concede the Democratic primary to Bill de Blasio, whose populist campaign appears to have won the 40 percent needed to avoid a runoff.

Thompson came in second to de Blasio after the Bloomberg-annointed Christine Quinn faded and Anthony Weiner imploded. With de Blasio’s numbers hovering just barely above the 40 percent, Thompson had put off conceding, but after a re-canvass of voting machines this weekend, he has apparently been convinced.

Thompson is expected to announce his decision at a conference with de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has so far stayed out of the race.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Read Aharon Klein’s post on DeBlasio – a Socialist, left-wing radical – likes Obamacare -wake up, voters! Do we want this man for Mayor of our city?

  2. We’re in trouble!
    deBlasio was and remains a friend of the Jewish community but he’s a real, die-hard, party-line Democrat and as such his philosophy is antithetical to our core beliefs and unless we vote, en masse, solidly Republican Lhota has no chance!

  3. #3, FYI, that doesn’t mean that those 60% will then cast their vote for the Republican. Unless there is a major drive by us Jews it is a likely shoe-in for the Democrat in NYC.


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