Thomas Frieden, Former NYC Health Commissioner Who Spearheaded The Anti Milah Campaign, Arrested


Dr. Thomas Frieden, who led the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for eight years under President Obama, was arrested Friday and charged after an alleged assault of a Brooklyn woman in October 2017.

Before assuming leadership of the CDC, Frieden served as the health commissioner of New York City under Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In New York, Frieden led an effort to cut back on “metitzah b’peh,” a campaign known the milah ban.

After resigning from the CDC on President Trump’s inauguration day, Frieden moved on to Vital Strategies, a non-profit that works on global health initiatives.




  1. To Anonymous #2 – Isn’t there a saying warning us to not rejoice in the downfall of our enemy? How does that go exactly? I’m sure you must know it and I’m equally sure you can tell me why it doesn’t apply in this case?

  2. A metzitza b’peh ban is not a milah ban. Why doesn’t the headline state metzitza b’peh instead of milah. Leave the fake news business for CNN.

  3. He assaulted the heart of the basis of Kedushas Am Yisrael and now he gets arrested for a crime which is the exact opposite of Kedushas Am Yisrael.

  4. Comment #10, by Chaya, do not differentiate! Metzitza b’peh is a concept that is sacred to Milah and Yidden and he had no right to tamper with what is our religious rite! Hands off! He did succeed in turning people away from the minhag kadosh which Jews for millenia have done! This menuval and his boss Bl$$mberg had no right to go there!


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