This Sunday in Brooklyn: Women, Advance Your Career With Charlie Harary

[Communicated] We all know motherhood is a full time job or even multiple jobs. For most of us this also includes being a working professional, which in turn can create even more challenges for us to balance. But did you know the solution is in your hand? Let us show you how to turn your existing skills and network into a lucrative business and what it means to start a career designed with your life in mind.
Brooklyn Financial Group presents the ‘Symposium for the Frum Entrepreneurial Woman’ event, happening this week, January 31st, in Brooklyn and next week, February 7th in Lakewood. The events will feature a keynote address from renowned speakers Charlie Harary, and Rabbi Paysach Krohn, respectively, on ‘Success at Home. Success at Work. Success at Life.’ as well as a panel of Frum Women Executives sharing their insight and experience.
Treat yourself to an educational, stimulating, inspiring women’s nightout with luxurious wine, cheese, and chocolate tasting, and hear about how women like you successfully balance their home and work life as working executives and mothers.
Our special entertaining audio visual presentation will highlight the many benefits of The Emma Beckmann Women’s Association. Learn about a career built specifically for the lifestyles of frum women and how you have the ability to make an incredible salary just by speaking to your existing contacts. With endless earning potential, flexible hours and professional independence with a platform for training and guidance.
This will be an enjoyable and eye-opening evening you do not want to miss.
Couvert is $10.
All proceeds will benefit Women in the Workforce.
To find out more about the Emma Beckmann Women’s Association, call 718.302.8791 or
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