This Sunday! Doors Open 10:30 AM, Young Israel, 2818 Avenue K


This Sunday, February 14th, is a day you will never forget. An incredible speaker and personality is coming to Flatbush in honor of the BJX Beis Medrash and Kiruv Centers first Hachnosas Sefer Torah. Rabbi Moshe Fingerer, Executive Director, says that BJX considered many different speakers to headline this momentous and monumental event but Judge Butler was someone who won hands down.

Judge Daniel Butler may very well be the most powerful and captivating speaker in the Jewish world. Judge Butler makes you laugh, cry, and be inspired like no other speaker. Audiences all over North America have been bowled over by Butler’s humor, whirlwind delivery, and remarkable insights into the human condition. Aside from having served as a judge of the Municipal Court of Pittsburgh, as well as on Pittsburgh’s specialized, Domestic Violence Court, Daniel Butler is a kiruv dynamo and regularly lectures for Aish HaTorah and NCSY, inspiring the crowds like no one else. Butler shares the harrowing yet amazing life story of his son Mikey, A”H, who suffered from Cystic Fibrosis (eventually needing a lung transplant) and then was diagnosed with cancer requiring a stem cell transplant, as well as two other children that have Fragile X autism. Judge Butler’s Emunah and rock-solid love of Hashem is contagious. “There’s no such thing as a bad day,” shares Daniel Butler. Rabbi Fingerer promises, “You will be transformed and blown away by this presentation. Your perspective on life will never be the same.”

Immediately following the presentation will be the Kesivas Osiyos of the new Sefer Torah, accompanied by the world famous Andy Statman on the clarinet and special musical interludes of violin and guitar performers.

This will be BJX’s first Torah. It is a unique Torah scroll that will be used to share the love of Hashem and introduce unaffiliated local Jews to their heritage and birthright. Those that contribute to the writing of the Torah support BJX. Like Hatzalah, BJX is your community organization that saves Yiddishe lives, bringing Yiddishkeit to all types of Jews and fosters much needed achdus, Kiruv, and Ahavas Yisroel in Brooklyn.

Judge Butler will be speaking at the Young Israel of Avenue K ballroom. Doors open at 10:30am.  A beautiful procession with the Torah for families and children will begin at 2pm. Pekalach and flags will be given out.




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