“This Is The Man Who Kept You Stuck In Traffic:” New Posters Publicize The Names Of Protesters


The past week in Yerushalayim has been filled with turmoil as Peleg demonstrators have taken to the streets to protest, causing endless hours of traffic and raising the ire some citizens who are having their daily routine disrupted.

A new tactic reportedly being put into use by some opposing groups is to collect information about different rioters and publish it on large posters under the title ‘This is the man who kept you waiting in traffic for six hours’.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Such a beautiful idea. The people behind this wonderful idea are showing how refined they are and that they are true b’nei Torah. Don’t you dare call them a bully for this! In fact, they have full right to ridicule, belittle and physically attack the rabbonim who disagree with them.

  2. Will they do this for secular protesters blocking traffic, like the handicap protesters several times a week, or is their outrage only on chareidi protesting being drafted to the shmad army?

    • And because other groups do something illegal makes it right? Besides when those groups block traffic they aren’t exactly causing a massive chillul shem shamayim. like the pelegashim. Secondly the Pelegs cause their leaders to be bad mouthed by other yidden.

      • To “ah yid”: You wrote:
        And because other groups do something illegal makes it right

        Ah, the irony!!!! If you feel that the protesters were wrong, that gives you the right to put up these disgraceful posters?!
        Remember: קשוט עצמך ואחר קשוט אחרים

      • While you look at it as a chillul Hashem, others see it as a tremendous kiddush Hashem berabim for standing their ground against joining a tamei army. Mi ke’amcha yisrael!

  3. Just comes to show you how low some people will go. These are the same people that published a list of yeshivos, kollelim, even chedarim, that dare support Hagaon Rav Shmuel Aurbach Shlita, so that american baalei batim can stop funding them. The scum of the earth. The Torah doesn’t apply when it comes to you? These people should open a mussar sefer, wake up and realize how far they have fallen.

  4. Rav Avigdor Miller once said that anytime we find fault and point out the negative parts of frum yidden, we really have a little bit of anti-antisemitism inside of us…

    Its sickening to read all of these vile hateful comments on here attacking our brothers, who in a country full of non religious or anti religious people, actually keep the Torah, and have passion for it.
    You may disagree with their tactics, and they may be making a mistake, but there is never any excuse for the pure hate being expressed on this site.

  5. the next posters will be of Chaperim (those so-called chareidim snatching yeshiva boys and get paid for it) all over the country. Are they ready for that?

  6. Excuse me for being so blunt, but anyone who does NOT live in Israel AND/OR is on the caliber of the universally accepted Gedolim of our generation, should not open their mouths!!!!!! I am an American living in Israel, I don’t vote, have never gotten involved in politics and don’t claim to understand the inner workings of all of this. There are 2 things I DO know: 1. To hear a 15 year old PUNK speak about R’ Shteinman or R’ Chaim with the zilzul that he can only hear from his very chashuve father/Rebbeim can make anyone nauseous! 2. The absolute Tircha Ditzibura that has been and continues to be caused is something they will have to answer for. My husband doesnt have to come to Yeshiva late 3 times a day because of something they believe in. AND for all of you being fed a full meal of lies…NOONE has ever been drafted into the army if they have the status of Yeshiva student. Never ever. And yes, if I ever have the “honor” of mistakenly chancing upon one of these hafganos, and they would be blocking me, I would do something….

  7. I also suffered from the protestors and had to wait for hours for a bus. However, to publicize the protestors’ names seems to me to be Loshon Horo shelo L’Toeles and Nekama. It serves no useful purpose and is merely a vehicle for those that suffered to take revenge. Therefore, though I am no Rabbi, it would seem to me to be Assur.

  8. How is it Loshon Hora? these people are doing what they are doing in broad view of the public, the posters are not revealing anything these people aren’t proudly doing in public.


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