Jerusalem Woman Must Choose Between Father’s Life and Her Own



Tehila Tzuri, 26, is at the center of a sizable moral conflict.

Having moved into her parents’ home in the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem, she selflessly dedicated her life to tending to their needs as their health steeply declined. Unfortunately, Sara Tzuri, Tehila’s mother, passed away earlier this year after a painful struggle with cancer. Not long after, father Avraham was diagnosed as well. Confined to a wheelchair due to other health issues, he bravely endures his treatments. Though his will is strong, his body is tired. Tehila, a faithful daughter, remains by his side.

Recent events, however, have put the young woman into a difficult situation: At 26, after some years of seeking out her soulmate, Tehila is engaged to be married. It is unclear if her chassan is aware of the true extent of her poverty: she and her father are unable to afford even the most basic groceries. She is far from affording the essentials for a wedding, or renting an apartment for married life.

Tehila is now in the unique position of being responsible for two households. That of her father, who relies on her daily, and has run out of money for his essential medication, and that of her own future family. The wedding has consequently been postponed indefinitely, until she can be sure that finances are arranged such that her father can be taken care of.

It is a painful dilemma for all involved. The young bride has waited many years for her chuppah, and must continue to wait, as she and her father continue to suffer in poverty.

A tzedaka fund has been opened with two goals in mind: Saving Avraham Tzuri’s life by procuring him medication and assistance, and marrying off his beloved daughter.

Donors can rest assured that they have given a spark of hope to two neshamos who have suffered in the dark for too long.





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