“This Is My Town Too”: Committeeman Mike D’Elia Looks Forward to Continue Working On Behalf of Lakewood


That thing you always promised you will never do…but you end up doing. For Mike D’Elia, that “thing” is serving on the Lakewood Township Committee. Mike originally served on the Committee nearly a quarter century ago, and vowed to his family that he will not run again.

Well, in 2014 he did run again – and won. Mike is up and running again, on the ballot for reelection during the upcoming Primary and General Election races. Why? “I’m enjoying it this time,” he quips. On a serious note, he speaks about all that the Committee has accomplished in recent years, such as keeping the municipal tax rate flat and working diligently to add, widen and improve roads in order to alleviate traffic. He wants to keep the momentum rolling.

Mike is well past typical retirement age and he certainly does not need the title “Township Committeeman” to round out his resume’. In addition to the fact that he already earned that title years ago, his resume’ is already more than packed with impressive accomplishments and community service.

Committeeman D’Elia has been a member of the Lakewood Fire Department for fifty-four years, having served as Chief and Commissioner. He’s a “life member” of the Lakewood First Aid Squad; former coordinator of Lakewood Emergency Services and member of the County Emergency Planning Council; current member of the Lakewood Head Start Board; and much more. He is also the co-founder of D’Elia Funeral Home on Route 70, in which he remains active.

Most of all, Mike is proud of his forty-four year marriage to his wife June, their two children, Michael John Jr. and Patricia (Komsa); and four grandchildren. Michael and Patricia live nearby in Brick. Michael is a Lakewood Fire Chief and Patricia is Lakewood Township’s Human Resource Officer.

Having originally arrived in Lakewood as a young teenager, Mike D’Elia and his wife still live in the same home near Lake Carasaljo that he grew up in. Despite the monumental growth and demographic transformation that Lakewood has seen over the decades, Mike D’Elia says that he loves his town more than ever. He is happy to live in a vibrant, diverse town and points with particular pride to the high number of Lakewood firefighters who are members of the Orthodox community. “I was fighting for this – encouraging people to join – for a long time,” he says. “They’re great guys.”

Mike looks forward to continue serving Lakewood over the next three years and beyond. “This is my town too,” he stresses. “Believe me, especially at this age, that I have no ‘agenda’ other than to make Lakewood the best place it can be.”





  1. as a lakewooder myself please stop your lies & stop telling us that you want to help lakewood, since you rejoined lakewood township you have let the density & traffic get worse & worse instead of joining your partner Akerman on the township to stop it & make the quality of life better for the residents of lakewood & the seniors also-who are living here for many years-all so a few people could pocket some gelt at the price of thousands of bnei torah R”L.

    now the quality of life in lakewood gets worse & worse every month as you Delia sit on your office chair & let them continue to build homes in locations that others would never allow if they followed the laws of zoning & planning etc…

    ‘Vote out Delia & vote for other new candidates that will care for the entire community & not just for a few gelt people

    • Thank you. Thank you. Keep speaking out. Don’t be afraid of the Voting Police. Don’t be afraid of the Thought Police. We MUST drain the swamp once and for all.

  2. Mike D’Elia abolished the Rent Control Board and removed Lakewood’s only legal mechanism to protect the yungeleit. This important Board was indeed established and codified into Lakewood’s ordinances decades ago by the yeshivaleit themselves. it still is officially on the books, but since the Board was abolished by this candidate, the thousands of Lakewood tenants have been left exposed to abuses.

    If Matzav wants to be the website for Bnei Torah, they should do a proper investigation and speak to the yungeleit before disseminating advertisements like this.

  3. WE have bh so many options this year to who to vote for ..
    There are a lot of issues that need to get addressed…

  4. Matzav is doing a service to the yungeleit of Lakewood and for all the rest of us who want real change. By posting this article about D’Elia and more importantly, ALLOWING DISSENTING COMMENTS, the Matzav is letting people know there is an alternative to the status quo we have in Lakewood for so many years. Thank you, Matzav, for opening up to all opinions.

  5. You just lost my viewership. I didn’t think the Lakewood Vaad reached all the way to Monsey.

    Even if the article was true, why only this candidate. and if they paid for it…it should state that.

  6. “loves his town more than ever”

    I would also love a town that gets me elected for no good reason

    All I have to do is do exactly what they say a few times a year and try to make sure I don’t contradict myself


    The end to all this is near!

  7. If you have issues with a candidate

    1- post your name

    2- call him /her to discuss

    3- vote on Election Day and get all your friends to make real change


    Please stop anonymous whining


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