Third of Israelis Will Be Chareidim


According to data issued by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) a third of Israelis will be chareidi by 2065 provided present trends continue. By then, the population will reach 25 million according to optimistic estimates.

Lower forecasts set the 2065 population between 15.8 to 20.1 million.

Over the past year, a 167,000 population growth pushed up Israel’s population by 2%. 24,000 Jews moved to Israel in 2016, 77% from Europe, 17% from the Americas, 4% from Asia and 2% from Africa.

{ Israel News}


    • And how would Israel field an army(military)???
      This is gonna lead to a major fight in Israel. hopefully it wont turn physical!

  1. How do they define Chareidim? Pigeonholeling Jews is pirud. Either you are a Jew that strives to uphold halachah (note the emphasis on strives), or you aren’t.


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