Thief Who Stole Sifrei Torah from Brooklyn Shul Turns Himself In


Emil Benjamin, the thief who allegedly stole four Sifrei Torah from a Midwood shul in October, turned himself in to police Thursday morning, JP UPDATES reports.

The Sifrei Torah, stolen from the Avenue O Synagogue, were worth around $240,000 total.

Benjamin, 35, has around 10 prior arrests, and masqueraded as a religious Jew in order to steal the Sifrei Torah.

However, the Sifrei Torah were dropped in front of the shul shortly after the theft in four garbage bags. The official reason for the return of the Sifrei Torah is not known.

Benjamin was requested from video footage by a tipster. Benjamin’s identity was subsequently released by authorities, who requested public help in tracking him down. 

{ Newscenter}



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