There is a Man…


pollardBy David Herman,

There is a man rotting in prison.
In a U.S. prison already for 22 years.
Unjustly denied his liberty.
There is a man who helped his beleaguered people.
He was caught and punished.
Others who did like him or worse were released.
There is a man, a Jewish man named Jonathan Pollard
There is a president, a young man
Whose black ancestors and forebears were denied their liberty
Behind the bars of slavery and racist prejudice.
There is a man
A president who values freedom and justice
There is a president named Barack Hussein Obama.

I have a dream
And in my dream
President Obama will go to that prison
Pardon Jonathan Pollard and set him free
And show him the true quality of mercy and forgiveness
And at last take away his pain and our pain
With the balm of freedom.

There is a man languishing in prison.
We never forget that man and his suffering.
There is a man named Jonathan.
There is a man named Barack.
Both of them know what freedom means,
But one his freedom is denied
The other enabled by his freedom
To become the most powerful man on Earth.

Barack Obama, you can, yes you can
Give poor, sick, helpless Jonathan Pollard
The most precious gift of all – his freedom
Where none before you have dared.
Answer the prayers of a people
And earn the blessing of mankind.

There is a man…
A man named Jonathan…

{ Newscenter}


  1. Could you set this article up to act as a mass mailing email(campaign) to the president?
    Psalm 121 should also be read for Mr.Pollard

  2. I have all the sympathy for Jonathan. But to say he is “unjustly denied his liberty,” is not accurate. If he agrees he committed a crime then he is being punished for that. Of course, it’s too long. But let’s not use language that denied there WAS wrongdoing that unfortunately he is paying a terrible price for. I am mispallel that he sees cheirus b’karov!

  3. Ha, liberty! This is a man that spied on the United States of America. Sure it is absurd that he received a life sentence, but only because he was the first of his kind. Any US Citizen convicted of spying on the US should receive a life sentence, without parole, no questions asked. The fact that he spied for Israel makes no difference. This man deserves to be in prison for the atrocious acts he committed against his own country. This is a guy from South Bend, Indiana, not Haifa, not Tel Aviv, not Jerusalem, but South Bend. He may have been a Jew before he was an American, but he was always an American before he was Israeli. There is no law that says courts must give a spy a shorter sentence, if you spy on your country you suffer the consequences. He should have though of a life in prison ahead of time. And he should have been loyal to his people, or moved to Israel before he had a chance to betray us.

  4. Inaccurate to say that the President’s “black ancestors and forebears were denied their liberty Behind the bars of slavery and racist prejudice” as Obama’s father was Kenyan and enjoyed the same freedom as all other Kenyans.

    This poem should be corrected and reposted.

  5. there is a man rotting in a syrian dungeon
    he is a citizen of the united states and of israel
    his name is zachary baumel
    and has been abandoned by his fellow jews accross the globe.
    he has been missing 27 years now. his father just died, never knowing what happened to him.


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