There Are Five Jews Left In Iraq


Known as Baghdad’s last rabbi, Emad Levy, 52, was the last Jew to leave Iraq for Israel in 2010 and remains in touch with five Jews left behind, Ynet reported.

He served as the kehillah’s leader since 2003 when he was photographed holding a 200-year-old sefer Torah at the city’s sole Meir Taweig Shul.

“After the shochet left, I learned how to shecht according to halachah so we would be able to eat kosher meat,” he said. “I took care of issues related to Jewish burial and tried to help the community members with different issues as much as I could.”

“There are five Jews in the country today, and one woman is the community director. I keep in touch with them in different ways, and they’re taking care of themselves,” Levy said.

According to Levy, conditions ironically improved for Baghdad Jews after Saddam Hussein became president in 1979. Despite Hussein’s hatred for Zionism, he took special interest in the kehillah and severely punished anyone who harmed its members.




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