Their Mother Was Diagnosed With MS, Their Father, The Sole Breadwinner And Caretaker, Was Just Diagnosed With Cancer


What must go through children’s minds as they watch their vibrant mother slowly deteriorate from a chronic disease? What happens when their father (the one person taking care of them) starts fading away from a different, deadly disease? Sadly, if the Z. children were asked these questions, they’d be experts at answering.

Tzila and Reb Avner Z. were once living a very happy & productive life. They were building a wonderful family and were working hard to support themselves. They planned ahead, set hard-earned money aside for savings and raised their children in their Torah-filled, Jerusalem home.

Ten years ago, right after the birth of twins Tzila was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and everything began to change. It didn’t take long for the disease to steal Tzila’s life and the lives of everyone around her, as her health began to decline at an alarming rate and she could no longer function the way she used to. Over the course of those ten years she lost her ability to walk, and is now completely confined to her wheelchair. She actually cannot move any part of her body at all. She also lost her ability to speak and communicate with her family.
Throughout that entire time, there was one person who stepped in whole-heartedly to serve as both father and mother to the Z. children, and that was Avner.

Somehow Avner found a way to do it all as best he could:
He continued to work at his teaching job.
He took care of Tzila and looked after her many needs.
He took care of their children.

He ran the home.
rabbi-zAvner accepted the situation and didn’t complain. Even though he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders he did his best to keep up with all the physical and emotional demands the family’s crisis presented him. Unfortunately as time passed though, and Tzila’s condition worsened, the physical work in the home got harder, the emotional challenges of the family intensified and his salary just wasn’t stretching far enough. Even with bits of help from neighbors the family had been sliding into poverty for some time and they couldn’t get out.

All this would have been tragic enough for any family to deal with. Children watching their mother’s total decline, while living in a state of substantial deprivation-the scenario is heartbreaking. Unfortunately though, it got even worse. About eight months ago, Avner began to feel ill and was diagnosed with cancer. The extent of his illness was severe: it had spread throughout his whole body. He quickly began a course of extremely aggressive chemotherapy to attack the life threatening disease. But while treating it, the medications also severely weakened Avner to the degree that now he can’t even stand on his feet.

Imagine the worry and stress Avner must be experiencing, knowing that as his life now hangs in the balance there is no one else to take care of his wife and children. With no help, there is no way that he can tend to his own needs, let alone keep up with everything his family requires.

What will the Z. family do now? Who will step in to help, this time? The answer, is us. With your help we must work together to bring some relief to Avner, Tzila and their children. Please help us collect $3,000 to save them from complete collapse. This money will help them pay their numerous bills including costs of food, electricity, water, and the most basic medical expenses for both parents-helping them through this heart wrenching situation.

Avner has worked so hard to do his best for his family. We can’t cure him or Tzila but we can show them and their children that we care, and that we want to help take care of them both.

With your help, we must work together to bring some relief to Avner ben Rachel, Tzila bat Chedva and their children.

Milkas Fund, founded and managed by Yad Eliezer is a safe and secure way of donating money to help individuals with compassion and enable them to live a life with their problems solved.


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