The Yosef Tropper Mistake

6 receives hundreds of emails a day, including from readers who are anxious to have their material or opinions posted on our site. 

There is a very fine gentleman, Yosef Tropper, who submitted an article in tribute to Dr. Scott Lesser z”l of Baltimore which we published. Shortly thereafter, another email came from a different Yosef (only using his first name) concerning publishing an article on “The Torah Outlook on Secular Studies and College.”  The editor on shift at that time mistakenly assumed that it was from the same Yosef Tropper who had earlier submitted another article. He therefore posted the second article with the name Yosef Tropper as well.

The second article has been extremely popular with our readers, albeit a bit controversial, and the aforementioned Yosef Tropper unfortunately received many comments and phone calls about the piece which he never authored.

We apologize for the error and have removed his name from the second article. We regret any inconvenience or suffering this may have caused him.

To view the second article which has caused much commotion, click here.

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  1. The original article was wonderful and it would be fantastic to see more stuff of that caliber. Even though I credited Tropper (who I don’t know who he is), I would like to give a big Yasher Koach to whoever did post it. (I googled Tropper and he also seems to have written nice articles.)

  2. Whoever wrote the post titled “Torah Judaism’s Outlook on Secular Studies & College” did a fantastic write-up of the relevant halachic and hashkafic views of the Gedolim.

    I’d be elated to see more stuff like that here.

  3. I just want to say that I feel a great injustice was done to Yosef Tropper with the mistaken assumption on Matzav’s side of the penmanship of an article that arrived without a surname.
    Also, the placement of the apology on the side isn’t very visible. I looked for it therefore found it but it is not noticeable to the average reader.

  4. #5: You missed it, but the apology was the top story on Matzav when it was first posted, and it remained on the main page for over 24 hours.

    In any event, the article in question discussion the halachic aspects of secular studies and college was a very good one that is a good read for everyone.


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