The US Government Took the Time to Prove that Americans Really Love Pizza


pizzaThere are few things as universally adored and decidedly non-divisive as pizza. But even though we all know how much everyone loves to eat pizza, the United States government still went ahead and put together a report detailing just how much we love it and just how much we’re eating it. Here are some of the key findings:

  • 13 percent of Americans eat pizza on any given day
  • A quarter of males ages 6-18 eat pizza on any given day
  • For those who eat pizza on any given day, it accounts for 25 percent (among kids) and 29 percent (among adults) of daily energy intake
  • The people who eat the least amount of pizza are women ages 60 and over
  • Overall, men are eating pizza much more frequently than women

The most important finding, though? Pizza was, is and always will be delicious.

Read more: NEWSFEED  – TIME

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  1. Actually this is a tiny part of a much, much larger study, and it is also a rather important issue given how much pizza is consumed. Improved nutrition has contributed significantly to increased life expectancy in the US and it is important to understand the consequences of what Americans eat.

  2. i just had some pizza for lunch it was delicious!!! i would post which pizza store i got it in because they are the best, but i dont want to put other pizza stores down!

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