The Time is Now…They Need Your Support.



There’s just something exciting about the pre-Yom Tov rush. The hectic driving, the shopping plazas filled with cars, the packed shopping carts, the endless lines…. Sometime amid the scramble, the thought comes, We’re so lucky!  We’re all so busy, so excited, so rushed…. with the same goal: to bring the beautiful simcha of Yom Tov to our families. With just one week to go, you can literally feel the anticipation in the air.

At Kupas Yom Tov, the anticipation is at its peak.  With just one week to Yom Tov, the pressure to reach our million-dollar budget is mounting. This is the final week to raise the necessary funds to ensure hundreds of choshuve Yungerleit a befitting Yom Tov.

While these diligent and humble Yungerleit are able to manage their expenses year-round by living simple lives, the heavy costs of Yom Tov are beyond what they can handle alone.

With Kupas Yom Tov, the joy returns to making Yom Tov. A generous check, discreetly given, allows these special families to experience the simchas Yom Tov we’re working so hard to prepare.

Picture your Seder, taking place this Leil Shabbos! The glowing candles, the gleaming kosos, the sparkling white tablecloth… the shine on everyone’s faces. Exhaustion blends with joy as you take in the beauty Pesach brings.

Imagine creating this joy for families of Bnei Torah. Imagine the zechus of bringing simchas Yom Tov to our cherished Yungerleit. Imagine having a chailek in alleviating the financial pressure of over 1,000 special Kollel families.

We need your help. Time is running out, and so many Yungerliet are counting on us!

Please donate generously, $120, or whatever you can give. Please consider sponsoring a family. Grab the opportunity to support our cherished Bnei Torah.  

Click here to donate today or go to or call our 24-Hour hotline 732-334-0050 or email

Thank you and Tizke lemitzvos!


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