The Siyum Hashas Ticket Shadchan


metlife-stadiumReposted by request: As a chessed for the many people who are looking to buy tickets for the almost sold-out upcoming Siyum Hashas, a website was created to help pair up people who have extra tickets to sell to people who want to buy tickets.

Click here to visit the site.

{Casriel Newscenter}


  1. How can I reach u to buy the sponsor section ticket

    send me a pm and ill call u or give u a number to call me

  2. # 15 I ahve no idea how to make a connection with you the so called shadchan isnt working.
    I put it on ebay . maybe you can go there and put in a question to me and ill answer.On ebay the one I am selling is without a picture and it says its in the sponsor section so it should be easy to find it

  3. Im looking to buy 4 ladies tickets that are near eachother. i will pay up to $54 for each. Do you know of anyone who wants to sell?????

  4. Need bus tickets, 4 mens and 2 womens from Lakewood.

    I have two extra seating tickets Pepsi gate section 106, row 33 for trade or sale.

  5. # 28, are the tickets mens or ladies?

    I’m looking for 2 ladies tickets up to $54, can pick up in Brooklyn or Lakewood.

  6. anxious how can I contact you ?
    I have a few offers and I told one of them that I will give an answer today, so if you want to beat it you may be able to get it but I need a way of contact

  7. I have 3 field level premium tickets. Taupe section on stadium seating plan. Retail $1000. Best view, right in front of dais. Make any reasonable offer. Located in Lakewood. Contact Ephraim.

  8. 3 $18 Ladies tkts (including flatbush bus tkts) for $40 each leave message at 646 299 9310

    Or Tickets only $18 each… pick up in Brooklyn


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