The Shmuz In St. Louis


Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier of the Shmuz joined the St. Louis community on Friday, Feb 17th to Sunday, Feb 19th for a jam packed, inspirational weekend.

As the Scholar in Residence for the Esther Miller Bais Yaakov High School, he began on Friday with a valuable lecture on “Appreciating our Wealth”.  This Shmuz focuses on the wealth that we enjoy, and helps us come to a sense of appreciation to our Creator for all that He has given us.

Rabbi Shafier spoke over Shabbos to the girls on “Understanding Life’s Settings”, and hosted a Q & A session which gave them a chance to question and gain insight as to how to respond to life’s tests with a shmuz titled “When the Going Gets Rough”.  On Sunday, he closed with “Aspiring to Greatness, I’ve Found the Treasure”.  The girls came away from the weekend uplifted with new tools to face their next challenge.

Rabbi Shafier was invited to speak to the High School and Beis Medrash students of MTI, Missouri Torah Institute.  The boys appreciated his lecture “Gaining a Connection to Hashem” which brought them to a whole new level of understanding.  A lunch was prepared for Rabbi Shafier and the Rabbeim of the Yeshiva who gained tremendously from his chizuk.

On Sunday night, he addressed the St. Louis community with a shmuz titled “Heroes”, hosted on the beautiful MTI campus.  The lecture was sponsored by Mr. Paul and Betty Mendelson and Dr. Keith and Janice Mankowitz in memory of Chaya Rochel Chana bas Benzion and for a refuah sheleima for Aron Ben Sarah Rivka.

The Shmuz is a Torah lecture that offers a worldview on major life issues ranging from working on our middos to learning to be a better spouse, from understanding the meaning of our davening to what our purpose is in this world. Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier is direct, daring, and downright funny, providing audiences with essential Torah principles packaged in an enticing, enjoyable way. The Shmuz is expanding its reach by launching a new Shmuz website.  Originally designed for post-yeshiva working guys, The Shmuz now influences thousands of Jewish people around the world through Rabbi Shafier’s online videos, articles and live webinars. The new website can be found at


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