The Shmorg 2 is About to be Served


shmorg2First Report: Along with the longer  days and chirping birds comes a very tangible excitement that buzzes in Jewish  homes, schools and workplaces throughout the country: When do we get the Shmorg  2?

The Shmorg 2, named, as  it was last year, in reference to a full “shmorg” at simchas, packs an entertainment  punch like never before. It has something for everyone to enjoy, from the very  young to the young at heart.

The Full Version of the  Shmorg 2, which is available only for donors of $36 or more to Oorah’s Auction,  includes some of the most talented names in Jewish entertainment today. The  double disc package includes a CD with ten incredible tracks by seasoned names  in the music industry such as Yehuda Green, Lipa Schmeltzer and Lev Tahor; and  a DVD with productions made especially for Oorah.

Pull up a chair and  enjoy some of the most innovative material in kosher entertainment today. See  which animals were mentioned in the Torah, with a fascinating presentation by  The Living Torah. Watch Moshe Yess’s timeless classic, My Zaidy, brought to  life. Wondered what happens to Dr. Midos and his crew since last year? Follow  the third and final installment of Marvelous Middos Machine and find out! Who  won this year’s Auditions contest? See for yourself as the finalists face off  in the studio for a coveted slot on the Shmorg CD.

This year, Oorah  is  proud to present the Mashal Man, a brand new and exclusive presentation by  Chananya Kramer. Join the Mashal Man as he explains three famous mashalim  (parables), complete with a very singable and entertaining score. Adults and  children alike will appreciate the humor and talent that is sure to be watched  again and again.

Have you found Fiveish  yet? Look no further – he’s right on this year’s DVD! Watch all his hysterical  characters on the Auction animation. It’s what everyone’s talking about!

Never, ever watched any  of  Oorah’s stuff before? View the sampler on Oorah’s YouTube channel  right here!

As a kiruv organization,  Oorah has garnered a unique reputation in the fundraising world for always  being on the cutting edge. The collection of original productions in the second Oorah Auction  mailing comes not only to entertain,  but to remind everyone of the vitally important mission of our generation – to  reach out to millions of disconnected Jewish souls and help them find their  rightful place in Klal Yisrael.

By enrolling children in  yeshiva, giving them a meaningful summer at BoyZone or GirlZone  camps, learning Torah with their parents, helping them learn to  observe Shabbos and celebrate Yomim Tovim and so much more, Oorah has taken on the mission. Each Auction dollar helps support these effective, successful  programs, making every donor a vital part of the kiruv journey for the more  than 2,300 families Oorah serves.

For more  information please contact Oorah by visiting them online at, or  by calling 877-7-AUCTION.

{Noam Israel}


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