The Revach Shabbos – A Shabbos That Warms The Heart


binyomin-pruzanskyIt’s really starting to get cold out there. Are you looking for a place that’s really warm? No, I am not suggesting you book tickets to Florida, but how about joining the Revach Shabbos, a Shabbos that truly warms the heart?

The Revach Shabbos is not simply a retreat. It is an experience that the entire family will enjoy. Last year, the sold-out Shabbos was enjoyed by over 450 people who wanted to be part of something special. Families from Monsey, Lakewood, Brooklyn and beyond enjoyed a unique Shabbos of inspiration, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

The goal of the program, says its director, Rabbi Binyomin Pruzansky, “is to give families an opportunity to really enjoy the Shabbos in a true Torah environment. We have expended great effort to arrange a top-notch program of ruchniyus and gashmiyus at an affordable price.”

The featured speakers are Rabbi Fishel Schachter, Rabbi Benzion Klatzko and Rabbi Pruzansky.

Rabbi Schachter is a renowned lecturer and maggid shiur. His chinuch advice is sought by people across the globe and he will surely enhance the ruach of the Shabbos. Rabbi Schachter will also be giving a special talk for children.

Rabbi Klatzko, the co-host of the Shabbos, the national director of college kiruv and founder of, has created a kiruv revolution and has touched thousands of lives. His insights and love of Yidden have drawn so many students of various backgrounds to his home for a Shabbos of chizuk each week.

Rabbi Pruzansky, the director of Revach, is the author of the bestselling “Stories For The Jewish Heart” series. His stories and lectures have inspired and warmed thousands of people.

R’ Yoely Kar, famed head counselor, will be leading Pirchei groups and will add great ruach to the Shabbos.

Kabbolas Shabbos and a kumzitz will be led by Eli Beer.

Motzoei Shabbos zemiros entertainment will be led by Michoel Pruzansky. The incredible Twins from France will perform a live show for all to enjoy.

If you are looking for an amazing Shabbos experience and a midwinter vacation for the entire family, make sure to participate in the upcoming Revach Shabbos.

The Revach Shabbos will take place on Shabbos Parshas Bo, January 27-28, at the Berkeley Hotel in Asbury Park, NJ. For reservation information, call 848.525.2823 or email

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