The Racheim Video – Watch it, Download it


Due to the overwhelming number of requests we received to download the Racheim video which we posted several weeks ago on our site, we have prepared it now in three formats for readers to download. This video, in addition to appearing on tens of sites after we featured it, was watched over the past week on more than a staggering 33,000 times.

1. For Windows Media Player – right click here and save file.

2.For Ipods – right click here and save file.

3. For Verizon & Sprint Mobile Phones – right click here and save file.

Or you can watch the video here:


  1. Hello everybody,

    I’m Guillaume, lead singer of the band that you see in the video above : Hazkeni Voices.
    We are currently in the studio recording our debut CD which will hopefully be out by spring 2009. We’ll announce the release on our site as soon it’s available :

    Thank you all so much for your beautiful commments.


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