The Rabbinic Blacklist Hoax



  1. No need to call Farber “rabbi”

    Let us remember that a few years ago Farber publically challenged Rav Moshe Feinsteins opinion of Toeva relationships (printed in Igros Moshe) as if Farber could even reach the toenail of Rav Moshe. I called Farber to speak with him about this and realized quite quickly that he was on a beginners level of learning. He learned for a few years in Chovevei. Before that went to college and public schools. Not exactly someone to challenge Reb Moshe or even any 7 year old cheder boy. No need to report on this. One of the “Orthodox” Rabbi’s on the list made a vort for a toeva couple in his “shul”. I have not yet reviewed the rest of the “orthodox” who were banned but this one at least made total sense.

  2. Mr. Seth Farber is not a Rabbi. He does not practice Judaism. Reform is not Judaism. He may have been born Jewish but what he practices, Reform is definitely not Judaism.

    We should stop promoting him or giving him any publicity. The left wing toevah newsrags like the Los Angeles “Jewish” Urinal (Journal) is one of the more deviant newsrags out there. They seem to be the voice of Reform toevah and other abominations.

    Many in the Los Angeles Frum Community won’t even allow this newsrag in their home.

  3. Rabbi Gordimer
    Your work is always outstanding. I thank you for standing up for the Emes.

    Only thing I would re-consider is using the term Orthodox and Rabbi when discussing this clearly non-Orthodox group. We don’t want to give them any unnecessary kavod.

  4. i believe there are two Rabbi Farbers. They may even be both named Seth. This Farber has semicha from [i think] YU. he sis not learn in Chovevei. the other one is the “dayan” of the OO movement who does not believe that the entire Torah was authored by Hashem.

  5. MC,
    He denies the cardinal precepts of judaism
    which we are adjured to give our lives for

    The less said, the better

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