The Purim Seudah


purim1)It is a Mitzvah on all Jewish men, women and children to partake of a festive Seudah, meal, on Purim.
The Purim Seudah needs to be eaten on Purim day, and if it was only eaten Purim eve, or Purim night, you have not satisfied your obligation.

However, it is a Mitzvah to be joyous and have a small Seudah on Purim evening as well. (Ram”a 695:1)The meal should consist of meat (B’dieved chicken is acceptable too) and wine, and other delicacies as best as one can afford. It is also important to wash and eat bread at the Seudah, as according to some opinions you cannot satisfy the obligation of the Seudah without Pas, bread. (See Rosh to Maseches Brachos Perek 7 Siman 23 an d Shu”t MaHarshal Siman 48)

2) It is good to study some Torah before beginning the Seudah, as the Posuk says “Layehudim Haysa Ohra V’Simcha…” and Chazal say Ohra is referring tothe light of Torah which should precede the Simcha! (Ram”a 695:2)

It is customary to daven Mincha before beginning the Seudah, as not to end up davening Mincha while drunk. The Seudah should begin when it is still daylight, and not close to sunset, so that most of the meal should be eaten during the day.

The Seudas Purim should not be eaten alone; rather it is good to join with family and friends so it will be joyous.

However, care must be taken that the Seuda should be a Simcha Shel Mitzvah and not simply a wild party, with things Chas V’Shalom happening that are against Halacha.

The hands should be properly washed for Netilas Yadayim, Hamotzi should be recited on the bread, Birchas Hamazon should be recited after the Seudah, all Halachos of Tznius must be observed etc.

The table at the Purim Seudah (both by day and night) should have candles on it, to make it a Yom Tov Seudah (Mishna Berura 695:9)

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  1. minhagim should be mentioned as well
    most people eat fish at the seudah
    soup with kreplach is served
    after the main course of meat, many serve stuffed.cabbage


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