The Pizza Scam You Probably Didn’t Know About


A John Crudele was waiting for a pie of pizza at the store when he noticed a full pie behind the counter. Curious, he asked if he could have that pie instead of waiting for the next one. The worker refused, on  the grounds that the pies behind the counter are for customers who order single slices and are actually slightly larger.

After some more investigating this is what Crudele discovered:

Those pizzas you take home are 16 inches in diameter. The ones that are sold by the slice are 20 inches. Let’s say a full pizza costs $15, which we think is the typical price these days. And a slice of pizza goes for $2.50, also standard around Manhattan and in the ’burbs.

The 16-inch pie is just under 201 square inches in size. The 20-inch pie is 314 square inches. So one slice of the eight-piece, 16-inch pie is 25.12 square inches. And a piece of the 20-inch pie is 39.25 square inches.

Crunching the numbers, the reporter discovered that it’s typically a better bargain to go into the pizzeria and order eight single slices of pizza rather than a full pie. Using estimated pizza prices, hue figured you would be getting 56 percent more pizza for only 33 percent more cost.

Read more at NY POST.



  1. How long will it take this genius to figure out that if you buy a large drink instead of a small one you get a much higher percentage of soda for your money. This is no different. Think about it.

  2. The pizza served in the store is called a “House Pie” and is usually 18 or 20 inches. Ye can ask for a house Pie to go but will charge you more money

  3. Dont think this is the case in most pizza stores. At least the one I usually go to there is no distinction between the pies and they will give the same pie to someone ordering individual slices or someone ordering a whole pie.

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