The Photo You Won’t See In the Anti-Chareidi Media


israel-terror-attackThe anti-chareidi media, in Israel and abroad, are always engaged in their warfare against the religious community, as they try to portray frum Jews as close-minded misogynists. So don’t expect to see them publish this photo of two chareidim holding an elderly woman, assisting her as they head for a bomb shelter as a ‘Red Alert’ sounds in the southern town of Ashdod yesterday.

A short while earlier a Grad missile fired by Palestinian terrorists inside the Gaza Strip landed in the road behind them, burning a car and shattering many windows of nearby apartments. Several Israelis were lightly wounded in this attack that the Iron Dome missile interceptor system failed to shoot down.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Why do we care so much about what others say…we are a nation alone with Hashem on our side…Let’s not wait for a pat on the back from anyone..because it ain’t coming….We just have to keep doing what is right…Learn Torah…do chessed…and who cares what anyone says….
    Be proud of who you are…..

  2. This photograph struck me more tragically than many of the others I have seen and it would be more interesting to see if they actually post something like this on CNN or FOX news.


    What struck me as well is that fact that there seem to be other people around yet it is DAVKA the CHAREIDIM that are seen trying to get this women to safety(she doesn’t appear that much charedi , mind you).


  4. I’m sure you will see this picture on the anti-chareidi media. The only difference would be the caption
    They would say “two chareidi Jews attacking elderly woman”

    Look up “pallywood”

  5. It is so appropriate for you to maintain an us vs them position at a time when Klal Yisroel needs to be united. Shame on You!!!. Instead of promoting the chessed you use the the good will of these chareydim to promote your baseless hatred.

  6. you know it’s not very mentchlich to shlep out your tainos against the jewish media during war time. We need chizuk, not chiluk!

  7. Interesting especially because one is a Gerrer Chossid who have a particularly strong stereotype against them – tizku l’mitzvos to both of them

  8. ??? ????? ? ??”??? ? ???.
    If the unity & oneness of ?? ????? isn’t important to you, is the unity & oneness of Hashem truely important to you?


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