The Photo That Went Viral: Jewish Couple And Muslim Mother


A Taoist man named Jackie Summers posted a picture on Sunday of what he believes encapsulates America—cultural, racial and religious freedom and coexistence.

“A Taoist (me) gives up his seat so a Hasidic couple can sit together. They scoot over so a Muslim mother can sit and nurse her baby, on Easter Sunday,” Summers wrote under the image, which he posted on Facebook. The post got about 77 thousand likes and was shared about 60 thousand times.

“This is my America: people letting people be people,” Summers added.

The picture went viral over night, shown by many as a beautiful example of diversity they believe America should stand for. Read more at YNet.



  1. The sad part of this picture is that the little baby will probably grow up to be a suicide bomber possibly killing the grandchild of the couple sitting next to him

  2. Stop presenting a Gaultian and Diasporain mentality.

    Baruch HaShem it did not happen, but that “innocent” Muslim mother would not have been the first to reach into her handbag, pull out a weapon, and attempt to murder a Jew, chas v’shalom.

  3. What the headline is telling us unfortunately is that we have to much time on our hands to be busy with all this nonsense

  4. I am appalled by the comments above. Here we have a aiyno yehudi who is praising unzera and painting us in a positive light, and all you can do is leave nasty poisoned comments?! What a Chillul Hashem, you commenters have made! This is a subway train in NYC, not Gaza. Do you idiots even know who the lady or her family is?! I really don’t understand. I don’t understand Matzav, who are so quick to censor good constructive comments, but these they let slide. Pheh!

    • Well said, except for the unnecessary word “idiots”. A pet peeve of mine is how fast we are to pull out the invective vs. those we disagree with. Omitting that one word makes the point equally well without stooping to call other frum people nasty names on a public forum.


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