The Palisades Gas Station Attendant Who Saw Leiby


levaya-of-leiby-kletzky-9Investigators also spent four hours yesterday scouring newly discovered color surveillance video from a New Jersey gas station that shows Levi Aron escorting Leiby Kletzky to the bathroom late July 11 — the last known images of little Leiby.

They were returning from a Rockland County wedding to which Aron bizarrely took Leiby after kidnapping him off a Brooklyn street that day.

“It gave me chills in my spine,” said an attendant at the Sunoco station on the Palisades Parkway after looking at still images from the video, time-stamped 8:15 p.m. “I know the child is dead. It made me sad.”

The footage shows Aron opening his car door for Leiby, and the two walking into the bathroom together.

“The pictures were just the kid and the guy walking behind him,” the attendant said. “The man had a hat with glasses. The little boy was dressed like the way they described him when they were looking for him.”

They were in the facility for only one to two minutes, said a second attendant who saw the video.

“There was no pushing, no nothing. The little kid goes easily,” the second attendant said.

The footage then shows them leaving in a Honda, the second attendant said.

“It just looked like anyone else walking in and out. The child didn’t look frightened,” the first attendant said.

Later that night, they returned to Aron’s attic apartment in Kensington.

The next day, June 12, Aron bound Leiby and left him “in a captive position” for 12 hours while he went to his plumbing-supply stockboy job.

“The boy had marks on his wrist that indicated at one point he was tied up,” said Hynes.

Aron told cops he killed Leiby when he got home, in a “panic” over the intense search for the boy.

{NY Post/ Newscenter}


  1. Unfortunately, no one had told the police that Levi Aron had tried to lure other childrem into his car/home. Had they done so, the police would have considered Levi Aron a person of interest and would have visited his home on Monday night or Tuesday when Leiby was still alive.

  2. Not quite getting it – If Aron traveled with the boy along the Palisades Parkway – that would indicate that Aron most likely took the boy down the Palisades – into NJ and then across the GWB etc…Doesn’t this constitute Interstate Kidnapping – ie. a Federal Crime as opposed to Intrastate kidnapping – a state crime? Are there any EZ Pass Records? Are the Feds Involved? Was this one of the Charges against him?

  3. It is unfortunately very real that nobody told police that that monster tried to lure other children into their car. How many children get molested or abused and nobody tells the police We are afraid to maser on another yid and unfortunately this is what happened. A tragedy that could have been avoided if somebody reported. Hashem should watch over all our children

  4. #2 – Kidnapping is against ones will. From what is now being said this does not seem to be the case – “There was no pushing, no nothing. The little kid goes easily,” The child didn’t look frightened …”

    There is more to this than meets the eye. What people knew and how much. The truth will come out and hopefully it will lead to some long overdue and courageous changes and competent leadership in our communities – for the sake of our children.

  5. All children are told not to get into strangers cars…from a very young age…this poor child followed this man as if he knew him..No child should be taught to trust one group over another…maybe this would have saved a life…there is evil in all walks of life…

  6. It is not Psychosis to premeditate a murder. Its EVIL. Mental illness is not an excuse. He knew which meds. To give him in order to murder him easier. Thats not psychosis. Thats EVIL.

  7. The fact that he didn’t “run over” the attendants is not so shocking… a. he may already have been drugged. b. how many young frum kids would run away from a frum “ride” to a possibly very foreign looking gas station attendant??


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