The Optometrist in Your iPhone


The Israeli medical technology start-up 6over6 has developed a technology to enable anyone to “self-prescribe” eyeglasses via a smartphone app.

“With our technology, a user could put their phone in front of their eyes for a few minutes, and get as accurate a reading as they could at the optician,” said CEO Ofer Limon. “The app will give you a completely accurate prescription within a range of +/- 0.25D error for near and farsighted vision.”

With the iPrescribe function, “it’s just like being in an optometrist’s office. iPrescribe manipulates the optical and perceptual phenomena to give you a completely accurate prescription for nearsighted vision, including astigmatism.”

{ Israel}


  1. these apps have been around for a while…. besides, it may give you your prescription, but it can’t tell you if there is ch’v a problem.


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