The Obamas (And Not The Trumps) Might Get An Invite To Prince Harry’s Wedding


Of course, it’s waay too soon to know who will be lucky enough to score one of those heavy-cardstock invitations to the wedding of Price Harry and his new fiancee, American actress Meghan Markle. I mean, give the cute couple a minute to bask in the glow reflected in that blingy diamond ring before you start badgering them about their wedding plans, right?

But still, it’s possible that the exclusive list could include a high-profile American couple – and it might not be President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump. More likely? Former president Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.

Their inclusion is more likely for a few reasons. First off, Harry and Meghan don’t have to treat the Trumps like those annoying family members that everyone insists you must invite. Since he’s now fifth in line to the throne (and soon to be sixth with his brother, Prince William, expecting a third child), the couple might not be under as much pressure to invite the heads of state from all of the U.K.’s allies, even their besties in the United States. After all, the Obamas didn’t attend the 2011 wedding of Harry’s big brother William, reportedly because of security costs for the then-first couple to attend.

And there’s reason to think the newly engaged couple aren’t exactly Trump fans. Back when Trump was a candidate, Markle called him “misogynistic” and even threatened to move out of the United States if he was elected. “We film ‘Suits’ in Toronto, and I might just stay in Canada,” she said when comic Larry Wilmore asked her about the election in an interview on “The Nightly Show.” (That was before she’d even met her future prince, and now that she’s marrying into the royal family, we imagine she won’t be so loose-lipped about politics.)

The Obamas, though, enjoy a far warmer relationship with Harry, at least. Michelle Obama has been public in her admiration for the red-headed royal, and the Obamas traded mock-taunting videos promoting Harry’s Invictus Games for wounded military members. Michelle Obama called him “Prince Charming” – and more recently “my friend” when Harry joined the couple in Chicago in October for the inaugural summit of the Obama Foundation and came with her for a surprise visit to local schoolkids there.

Of course, there’s no official word yet. The British prime minister’s office was in the “give the kids a moment” camp, insisting on Monday when asked about Trump that it’s “too early into the engagement to think about a guest list.”

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  1. Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.

    The hatred to Trump is in the genes. Prince Harry’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth still hasn’t met with President Trump because he’s too moral and ethical for her. She likes the Obama and Clinton kinds who are just like her…

  2. Nothing to get all worked out about. This new bride of his is a divorcee – a big no-no in the royal family. I doubt the wedding will ever go through. Remember what happened to Princess Dianna – thanks to the Queen….

  3. It must pay to be a humor in an age where hate is too prevalent. Trump is keen on his pitchfork crowd. They grow. Just pick up a new pitchfork and join the fight.

    Still, aside from the denizen who thinks he is empowered by a hate-speech president, Mr. Obama was friendly and always in good humor. He deserves to be invited.

    It would be a pity that Mr. Trump will go on yet another twitter tirade. Of the 4 years in office, it will take about another 30 minutes a day of precious legislative command time.

    What will we do now that the head of the state is just an electronic tweet wit for the birds. We have a cause to build more pitchforks or just give the crops back to the wise.

    Keep on pulling for some dignified humor. It makes sense.

  4. Who would want to attend a wedding of a Prince Charles child! He is one of the few important but stupid, silly dignataries of the world, like the Ayatola Kahmeini, who have gone in record to say that Israel belongs to the Palestinians! It’s a family of dunces and Jew-haters.
    And for that very reason Bambi and his Mrs. belong there and Trump does not.

  5. The “Royal” family is anything but. They are as dysfunctional as they come. Everyone in that “royal” family gets divorced at least once. Even this couples marriage won’t last long. Faar shteist?


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