The Merit of Torah Shavuos Night


learning-There is a minhag (brought in The Zohar) to stay up the night of Shavuos and learn Torah. This is based on the Midrash which says that Klal Yisroel overslept the night before Matan Torah and Hashem had to awaken them to receive the Torah. Therefore we stay up all night to rectify their oversight. Shulchan Aruch with Mishnah Brurah 494:1

-The Ari’zal writes that one who does not sleep the night of Shavuos and toils in Torah is assured to live out the year and no harm will occur to him. Shulchan Aruch with Mishnah Brurah 494:1

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  1. the Gerrer Rebbe Shlita asked on Pesach one year how come people rush to stay up on Shavuos night when that is only a minhag, while on Seder night there is a CHIYUV MIDORAYSA to stay up until you’re eyes close. how many people do this?

  2. I agree one hundred percent with #1. One time in a discussion someone told me a reason why staying up on shavous is held higher than staying up on Pesach. In am not sure if he was joking or not. On pesach the chiyuv is to stay up until you eyes close while on shavous the minhag is to stay up the WHOLE night. I personally think Pesach is better to stay up all night as you are actually fulfilling a mitzvas aseih d’oreisa. Staying up on both which the Arizal and others probably did would be optimal. Maybe it is a case of Minhag Yisroel K’halachah gone too far. Also many of us on lowere madreigos would be better off learning in the day whereas Pesach the Mitzvah. is soley at night. I suppose I am a bit of a hypocrit as I stay up longer on Shavous than Pesach. Maybe we should reconsider what we do. Still, on Pesach there is so many other mitzvos that staying up doesn’t seem to be our priority. Staying up on Shavous in the focus of the Yom Tov for many people. Lots to think about. CHAG SAMEACH!! and A GUT YOM TUV!!


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