The Matzav Shmooze: Shalit, Israel and the GOP Candidates


gop-debate2Dear Editor,

Only one presidential candidate yesterday praised Gilad Shalit’s release and return to Israel. That candidate was Jon Huntsman as the article from (here) points out.

Not only did no other candidate say anything positive about it, some of the candidates criticized it in the CNN debate tonight. Bachmann, Cain, and Santorum said it was wrong to negotiate with terrorists.

Also of note from the CNN debate, Perry said all foreign aid should be reviewed. Israel is included in all. The question that should be asked in the media is why?

I just wanted to share some of these insights from today with you and I hope that some of it will be expressed in your media outlets because I am a little bit sick of all the pro Israel press only going to Romney and Perry.


Scott Miles


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  1. The worst statements came from Anti Semite Ron Paul. I dont understand the love the Orthodox community has for anti semetic republicans

  2. Maybe its because exchanging one prisoner for over a thousand killers is completely irrational from a basic security perspective and will only jeopardize the safety of Israelis in the years to come so it would be absurd for a candidate serious about national security to condone this deal

  3. Being pro-Israel I realize that PM Netanyahu was stuck between a rock and a hard place, but I had to make clear that as Americans we wouldn’t negotiate with terrorists. I did not criticize the Shalit deal.

  4. very funny #4, anyway, though glad that shalit is back I, and very many others with me, believe that it was the wrong thing to do, you trade a life for lives, i understand its debatable, but that is my opinion, and obviously the other candidates as well. it is not anti israel. about foreign aid, if i was fully patriotic i would definitely stop most foreign aid, dude we have a debt to frepay, nows not the time for charity, so what do youu expect from the candidates? though since i am jewish that leaves me stuck in regards to being pro israel.


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