The Matzav Shmoooze: Writing from Yerushalayim


wall-yerushalayim- Dear Editor,

I type this letter from the holy city of Yerushalayim.

Friday night, about 15 minutes after lighting candles, my husband and I were leaving our building located in one of the biggest American neighborhoods when we heard it. The dreadful siren.


There on the stairwell we stood, as dozens of people, including children, came running into our building. There was screaming, chaos, and, worst of all, the shock that came with the unexpected siren.

Here we live our daily lives, going about routine so regularly, obviously aware of the terrible fighting going on in our country, but thinking that it is so far from us. And than, lo and behold, we found ourselves scrambling for shelter. Bechasdei Hashem, no one was hurt and the rocket unbelievably fell in Arab territory. But it was a real wake-up call for us.

Peace-seekers who look to negotiate with the unreasonable Hamas terrorists were suddenly hit hard in the face of reality. War  mode has made its way over, creeping into the alleyways of our communities. We’ve had 150 rockets aimed at our nation just today alone and 758 since the beginning of the Operation Pillar of Defense.

Children know of a life of war, rockets, sirens and shelters. They are trained in school as part of their education to find shelter within 15 seconds. Innocent children who should know only joy and bliss know of terror and death. Children who should be playing outside, climbing trees, riding bikes, splashing in puddles, catching frogs and making carnivals instead find themselves in the underground miklat seeking shelter form the rain of rockets overhead. What a life!

And along with all the havoc that is being wreaked upon our once peaceful country, we see nissim geluyim. Like in the days of the Yevanim, we see the Yad Hashem protecting us each and every moment. The head Hamas terrorist has been successfully slaughtered, the siren that sounded in Yerushalayim was the result of a rocket that landed in Arab territory, and the Iron Dome has stopped many missiles from falling. All this and many more nissim are a result of our tefillos.

Unfortunately, we have seen the deaths of innocent Yidden. Let us beseech the Heavens. Beg Hashem to stop the violent ways of the Yishmo’elim, yemach shemam.

I implore all our brothers and sisters who haven’t yet made it part of their day to say a few perakim of Tehillim for those of us in Eretz Yisroel – civilians, soldiers, those who were wounded nebach… Most of you in America know someone here in Eretz Yisroel. Let’s wake up now and do something, quickly, before it is someone you know, r”l. It’s really scary! But we have Hashem and a Torah and Tehillim that can save us. And just like the Yevanim who are no more, He will put an end to Yishmoel with the arrival of Moshiach so soon.

May the geulah come quickly and be the ultimate end to all wars.

Your sister abroad,

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  1. Israel is in the hands of a very powerful Creator. As rAV Moshe Chaim Luzzato said, Hashem will let evil express itself but that ultimately the fate is that its outcome will be converted to good. This is another page in the continuing history of godless inhumanity striking out at innocent and dignified people. Israel continues on its holy mission and our future is very secure as a people… provided of course that we honor and keep the ways of G-d in Torah. Trust in Hashem.

  2. Please know that we here in America are with you in our prayers and my Tehillim rests on the table with you in mind. I’m sure my brother’s and sister’s are of the same mindset…so please rest assured that you are on our minds as you go through this traumatic time.
    You are not alone………….

  3. the latest news is that it landed in Maale Amos, a small community in Eastern Gush Etzyon. The siren was to remind us to think about and daven for our brothers in the South a bit more intently, and not to be a qvetching point.

  4. Hashem was, is and always be the ONE. We refuse to acknowledge this at our risk. The current WAR, per this week’s parasha, is unending. Please read the comments of the gedolim. Do not mock Hashem! Learn to honor true Chareidim. Learn as much Torah as you are capable of. Do not underestimate your capacity to learn. Adopt at least one basic mida (good charachter trait.) If you will send me your Hebrew name and mother’s name. I will include you in my tefillot. Todah!
    Yehoshua ben Avraham

  5. we better all daven now, before we start to cry in pain before HASHEM for the situation that awaits ahead us R”L

    the saddest part about the tragic future is that we had so many warnings & wake-up calls from Hashem but never accepted them to change our ways to return to hashem, so then the situation worsens R”L (thats what happens in every case, when a child/student doesn’t listen to a parent/teacher)

    thats why i’m not shocked, a person/nation who sins C”V & doesn’t do teshuva deserves to be punished, until they change their ways & return to righteuousness

    what happened to ninveh when yona told them to change & do teshuva?

    what happened to the world in the days of noach? it was filled with corruption & Hashem had no choice but to destroy them & start fresh

    what happened to Sedom?

    does anyone think Hashem wanted to destroy these places? Hashem had no choice, each time they were warned to do teshuva.

    NOW keep your eyes open & watch what hashem does to the world C”V if we don’t change our ways & do teshuva ASAP

    i await the day that klal yisroel returns to Hashem together as a nation & calls out together to Hashem for mashiach. may it happen ASAP

  6. IF we all return to achdus in klal yisroel on all levels-from frum, frei chasiidish etc…- then Hashem can bring us Mashiach, cause the klal yisroel cannot stand as a nation without achdus. & its one of the major reasons why mashiach has not arrived yet.

    another reason mashiach is not here yet, is the sinas Chinam that is going on in klal yisroel today, if you knew how bad it is you wouldn’t believe it. the Sinas Chinam today is worse then the generation of the second bais Hamikdosh, that was destroyed for this reason. how can we expect it back, if can’t love every yid on his/her level & be mevatter sometimes for the sake of shalom?

    in that zchus of making shalom & loving every yid, may mashiach come ASAP

  7. To Dovid #10 _ WHy dont you look at the times when klal Yisroel DID do teshuva and got saved! like The story of Chanukah, Purim, and countless others!! Hope at least YOUR doing teshuva


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