The Matzav Shmoooze: Why the Silence?


readers-write4Dear Editor,

Lemaan Tzion lo echesheh ulemaan Yerushalyim lo eshkot. Kavod Shomayim is the essence of avodas Hashem.

Shomu Shomayim as the bizayon has reached ad haShomayim.

Anshei Bliaal have placed a billboard on the Prospect Expressway poking fun and denigrating our heilige mosdos.

Its Chodesh Adar , but this is no Purim shpiel. This is unfortunately real.

Why the deafening silence from the politicians, who at election time bombard us with nonstop ads?

Where are the so called “askonim“?

Hachosaim bedimah.

Ben Sasson, Esq.

Brooklyn, New York



  1. No, they’re not making fun. They’re making a criticism of a certain life choice. You may disagree with that criticism, and that’s an area for debate, but they aren’t making fun. They’re highlighting a very real problem.

    The Wolf

  2. Why? Probably because it’s a free country and the billboard isn’t advocating hating or killing anybody.

    If it’s the billboard I’m thinking of, it’s not “poking fun” – it’s highlighting what some people see as a real problem. Other people see it as in violation of traditional Jewish chinuch practice. This is a legitimate and important difference of opinion. There is nothing illegal, immoral or un-halachic about the billboard. In fact, I don’t see how someone who isn’t frum – or at least Jewish – would even understand what the billboard is about.

    You can always file a complaint with the city, but I doubt if there is any legal remedy. If you want freedom for yourself, you have put up with freedom for other people. If you consider that filing a complaint with the city is mesirus, you can call the people who put up the billboard to beis din.

  3. agreed! Where are the askonim of the world on this. They are taking charge in standing up for Kvod Shomayim and they have earned the right to be the voice for us. We need these Askanim and their partners who do so much for us be it here and in Washington to step up and demand such a campaign is removed. Not sure how they can do this in a world of free speech but at least make loud noise in our Machaneh so we know as a unified group that we will not stand for this

  4. Ben,
    By the fact you have the title Esq. after your name, indicates you have attended an institution of higher learning AKA college.
    I agree to air our dirty laundry o the side of the BQE is not ideal, I believe most of the flatbush bali batim agree in principal with the poster, maybe not with their tactic.

  5. There is no doubt that the billboard was placed in order to denigrate certain Jews.

    There is no doubt that the billboard does not seek any change – only to libelously slander many of our brethren.

    There is no doubt that the posters who defended this poster have to seek to acknowledge, understand and identify their envy and hatred.

  6. Leading new york daily paper (Post) published an article about a huge billboard put up near the Brooklyn queens expressway, mocking and denigrating the quality of yeshiva education. Not one of the usual outspoken crowd has bothered to stand up for kavod hatorah


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