The Matzav Shmoooze: Wake Up Call From Above, Or ‘Climate Change’?


iran-snowDear Editor,

Some parts of the world are suffering from severe weather lately.

California is suffering from a terrible drought. New York and other parts of the Eastern USA (CT, MA, MD, DE, NJ, DC, etc.) are having a severe winter, as well as MN. They are even getting short of road salt in places.

The United Kingdom (England) is suffering from terrible flooding.

What do all of the above places have in common? They all legitimized toeivah ‘marriage’ in recent years, thereby incurring Divine wrath upon them.

Now I know that some people will point to other places, where there are weather difficulties even though they didn’t adopt such a change. Others will say that we are not nevi’im (prophets) and do not know why things happen. There is some truth to what they say. It could be that the other places have incurred divine wrath in other ways though. And Hashem doesn’t make things too obvious, so other places can get hit as well. We do need to introspect when disasters occur, however, as the great Rambam
has written, and not just shrug off such occurrences.

If those people lived in the time of yetzias mitzrayim (exodus from Egypt), would they have claimed that the makkos (ten plagues) were due to ‘climate change’ then, and ignore their message as well? People need to wake up and speak out against the abomination.

P.S. It is obvious that the frum community is not the cause of the toeivah movement, generally speaking. Nevertheless, we should make it clear that we strongly protest it and consider it a major problem, unlike some modern and ‘open orthodox’ types. And that we advocate repealing the changes legalizing toeivah ‘marriage’, not just ignoring it after it was pushed through improperly.

Thank you.

B. B.

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  1. It is not wise to point fingers outward. Hashem wants each person to look inward! The extreme weather (in Israel as well – mostly drought except for one week of snow) can signal many things and each person should find a message to match one’s individual area weakness. Cold weather? Drought? Maybe our avodas Hashem, davening and mitzvos are too cold or too dry? Without warmth, inner fire or life-giving moisture? And how about bein adam l’chaveiro – in our interpersonal dealings? Perhaps we aren’t warm enough or act too dry to the stranger who walks into shul or who wears a different kind of hat or yarmulka?
    We don’t know what message Hashem is sending with the current climate change, but He certainly wants all of the above from us – to add warmth and moisture both to our relationship with Him and to our interpersonal relationships.
    Then maybe our pleasing deeds will create positive spiritual forces that can influence those further away to reject toeivah relationships. “Ein mezarzim ella l’mizurazim!”

  2. About a year and a half ago, there was a courageous Rabbi who spoke out about toievah bringing disaster upon New York state after Superstorm Sandy, and the arrogant Governor there, Andrew Cuomo, who lives openly in sin, openly blasted him for doing so –

    More recently, the same Governor, claimed that people who opposed abortion and his extreme pro-toeivah agenda have no place in New York state.

    That is the attitude of arrogance of many liberals today. They have an attitude like the ancient Pharaoh – Who is G-d that I should listen to him?

    We have to make clear that we oppose such rebellion against Almight G-d, and that such officials don’t represent us with their crazy and dangerous policies.

  3. This letter makes me so happy!!

    It means that Moshiach must be on his way because obviously Nevuah has returned!!

    Do you also do powerball numbers?

  4. If you want to discuss an abomination, look no further than the article written above. The idea that Hashem is going to punish the world because of someone’s voting nature is an abomination against human discussion. G-d is very real, but weather patterns are more likely due to global climate changes than a punishment meant for some guy named “B.B.” to “interpret” and impart the words of Hashem on the unsuspecting public.

  5. Winter is winter. Snow is common. Weather is a blessing. Rav Avigdor Miller said , when its freezing, snowing or windy we should be happy, since Hashem is giving us Brocho and we need all types of weather for the world to continue. There is a reason why the world was created with 4 seasons as opposed to Spring all year round. I am not sure why snow is a curse. Just because it inconveniences you to find a good parking spot does not render winter into some kind of curse. Grow up

  6. how many times have I written shocking wake-up call messages from Hashem? remember when I write what a message STRAIGHT from Hashem means?

    to help remind you what a message straight from hashem is:
    Due to the tragedies that are occurring/have occurred to klal yisroel, it wouldn’t take a genius to realize that all these tragic events (from 9/11 to leiby kletzky to the economy & 7 tzaddikim niftar in 5 weeks etc… I can go on Gush Katif…) don’t happen by coincidence & that each tragedy has a message straight from Hashem (ex. 9/11 did not become a sad day 12 years ago. it has been our sad day for over 2000 years already. 9/11 is Tisha B’av 9 is tisha, 11 is the month of av elul is 12 & tishrei is 1 how does that shock you? a shocking message straight from Hashem i.e. can’t be found in a sefer or newspaper nor is it from me or a Rav)

    Now YOU should know that every tragedy has a wake-up message straight from Hashem.

    get ready for tzaros in klal yisroel to go from tragic to horrific as we watch tragedies happening-daily R”L-& WE still don’t wake up & start doing teshuva.

    On the other hand it is partially our fault also, as we go day by day, we are constantly getting reminder wake-up calls from Hashem to start doing teshuva & return to Hashem with achdus. The only problem is that we have a major problem facing the world today-yidden or not-called FACING REALITY, i.e. whenever tragedy strikes we let it pass us & think we could fool Hashem that we don’t get his wake-up call for teshuva. Thus we leave Hashem no choice but to keep striking us with tzaros R”L.
    i.e. if we all make a promise to do teshuva ASAP together as a nation this horrific time of constant tzaros can come to a end.
    How long can Hashem watch us & not do something to wake us up? i.e. how long can YOU watch your child not listen to his parents before he’s gone too far & needs to be punished? its a potch of love to help the child improve… & thats the bottom line.
    Klal yisroel blew it long ago, when we see tzaros happening but we don’t get together as a nation to do teshuva & beg Hashem forgiveness?

    Why have we still not started doing teshuva towards mashiach? how much does it take for a person to wake up & see that everything happening comes straight from Hashem? how much longer will it take until Klal yisroel starts doing teshuva & calling out to hashem for mashiach?

    The pre-geula teshuva movement is not the yom kippur teshuva. It’s the teshuva from the heart, where no one will be afraid/embarrassed to confront his friend & ask his forgiveness from something that happened even 5 years ago. This is what Hashem is waiting for.

    Perhaps maybe some of us here can help with some truthful answers

    May we all wakeup ASAP & do teshuva THANK YOU MATZAV for always keeping me posted with the latest updates in news.

    Waiting for some good news, we just read in this past weeks haftora the story of Eliyahu on Har Hacarmel with king achav & his avoda zara. & it ends off with everyone calling out-what we say on yom kippur-Hashem hu Ha’elohim, (Hashem is King) thus ending off returning to Hashem & doing teshuva) hoping klal yisroel today-myself included-can do that also, so mashiach can come

  7. How does that explain how Sandy’s worst victims were frum Yidden, and all these locations that you mentioned have significant frum populations? I would like to suggest that we look first to our own behavior and think about our ongoing struggle with sinas chinam, loshon hora, pride, theft, abuse, among other things. We see time and time again that when there are great tragedies in our community, we come together with tremendous achdus. Why don’t we have such achdus when things are ‘normal’? Maybe if we were more forgiving of each other, more tolerant of each other, maybe if we just respected each other just a little bit more when times were ‘good’, we would have been able to bring enough kedusha into this world to have prevented toevah marriages in the first place.

  8. matzav, why do you insist on posting ideas that are not substantiated by the majority of gedolim? DO you run this articles (this one and the smoking one and others) by daas torah? Do you just post them because they cause discussion?

  9. Does the climate change – of course it does.

    The debate seems to be the cause. Some people would like to have us think that humans control everything including the weather and as your article points out, maybe they are uncomfortable about the alternative – there is a Ribbono Shel Olam and He has a plan.

  10. Your first point is correct and we have know way to know the reason as we are not neviam.
    But your anolgy between the makos and bad weather is way off as its self evident that there is no comparison as one can be explained and one can’t !!!

  11. It is a wake up call, but not necessarily because of toeiva marriage. We all have to look into ourselves and find what middos we are weak in, what sins we could have been guilty of and for teshuva.

  12. This is just like any other midwestern winter, from the winters of my youth. Of course laws that allow for Toeiva marriage are wrong, but why are people like you always seeking to be Neviim?

    Speak out against Toeiva marriage all you can, but please don’t tie normal weather events, or even abnormal such events, to anything in particular. It’s way above your level of knowledge.


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