The Matzav Shmoooze: Violence in Chicago – Which Chicago?

Dear Matzav,
Thank you to for many of your important news reports.
I want to make the following request about future reporting about violence in Chicago. Over the last couple years you have reported about the amount of violence in Chicago. Unfortunately it is bad, but BH it had nothing to do with the Jewish community. It all happened on the South side of Chicago, which is a good 35-45 minutes away from the Jewish community. In essence it is like a different city. Many of your articles give the impression to your non-Chicago readership that that our community is war zone…which it is not.
We walk around with a sense of safety as much as any other Jewish community around the country, if not more. I don’t think that your reporting gives a fair or accurate image of our neighborhood.
L’daavoneinu, there was a murder of a member of our community, R’ Eliyahu Moscowitz z”l hy”d, that happened on Simchas Torah night. This heinous act was done in a neighboring community, and the police have given the case their full attention. Your headline article about the murder, connected this crime with the rest of the violence in Chicago, furthering the misconception about our city. It was terrible, it is a cause of our concern, but it is not connected and it still does not label our neighborhood as being unsafe.
Please be more cautious about this topic in your future reporting. May we all be zoche to safety in our communities. Hinei lo yanum v’lo yishan Shomer Yisroel.
Thank you.


  1. I don’t believe you could be more wrong. The frum neighborhoods are safe? What about the muggings? Thefts? Anti-semetic slurs? Maybe they’re brushed under the rug and you never hear about them but keep your ear to the ground and you’ll be sure to hear about. I’m glad you live in a bubble but it’s time to be realistic. The reporting was fine and correctly portrayed what is going on. Look at the statistics, you’ll be shocked.

  2. A different neighborhood 35 minuets away??!!! Wow I feel safe !! Bad guys have cars too! What about east Rogers Park? Writer-would you go there at night and even during the day? Not if you have a brain. How about muggings, car theft, graffiti, assaults, car break ins? All in the ‘safe roger park or Peterson park ‘ area.
    Peace of mind that the south side is only 35 minuets away.

  3. Did you ever take a flight into Midway International and have to drive to the Telshe Yeshiva? My son did that for a farher. A very frightening experience.

  4. Long ago it was stated by great Gedolim ” Every bullet has it’s address” that we live with Hashgacha Pratis wherever we are! May HKBH protect us all and please send Moshiach Bekorov!

  5. There have been shootings in West Rogers Park too. B”H the victims were not part of our community but that doesn’t make me feel any safer. I worry when my kids walk home on Friday nights after eating by my house.

  6. I’m sorry RY but if you put lipstick on a chazir, it is STILL a chazir and Chicago is the chazir! Dont tell us its only in this area or only in that one but not here and over there. The crime is all over Chicago thanks in part to the policies of your wonderful mayor and the leftists you keep voting for who dont know the meaning of Law and Order. The crime stats are insane! The black on black crime stats are even worse but Gah fahbid to mention it because that would bring out racist taunts.

    If the crime isnt near the jewish area, why was the mashgiach from Jewel Osco shot in the head on Shmini Atzeres? The chaleriya criminal element doesnt work by neighborhoods, skipping some and hitting others. If you want to take back the city, get rid of the political class who support the animals!


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