The Matzav Shmoooze: The Disaster That Are “Hashomrim Cards”


Dear Editor@Matzav,

The new HaShomrim cards feature grotesque caricatures of frum adults using smartphones and of children complaining of the negative influence their parents have on them. The cards are aimed at convincing children to demand that their parents stop using smartphones.

The cards’ messages are despicable and detestable.

When shown the cards, rabbonim strongly disapproved of their content and message.

Please don’t allow these dangerous and disgusting cards to infiltrate our machaneh.

A Concerned Yid



  1. Where are they distributing these cards? Are they available for purchase or being distributed for free in schools and shuls? Can you post a photo of an example?

  2. My 8 yr old son collects the Hashomrim cards and we laugh at them together as we find them entertaining. Although somewhat exaggerated, I find the cards generally on target. The message comes across and gives chizuk to the honest Jews who call a spade a spade. I find nothing objectionable about it and I challenge you to name a gadol who has openly objected to them.

    • It’s great that you and your son know how to take it lightly. Many children do not know how to draw the line. It’s wonderful that children are being encouraged to stay away from smartphones, even their parents’. But to have them tell their parents what to do, often demanding things of them because this is what they were told, is plain wrong. 2 of my boys will not touch or look at my smartphone, but know well why I have it, and would never tell me what to do. Another child will not make such a commitment, which is fine if he is not up to it. But it is up to us as his parents to set the rules of the house. Children should not be the ones to set the rules and tell parents, or other adults, what to do.

    • I cant find you a gadol but I can find you a pasuk(assuming that’s strong enough proof for you) and that pasuk is kabed es avicha vees emecha!!!!!! children don’t tell parents what to do PERIOD.

  3. Yes yes yes. This is what happens when the tznius police and thought police combine. You get these fanatical “machmirim” who, like the Lev Tomei cult, make everything assur. Sick demented people. It’s the same thing for the lashon hara crowd. Everything is assur. Liberalism run amok.
    Big talker that I am. I happen to have Machaneh Kodesh on my phone because my sons Yeshiva pressured my wife & I to get it.

    • “Liberalism run amok.”
      I understand your meaning, but this sentence is pretty funny since what you’re decrying is the opposite of liberalism.

    • Loshon hara crowd?what does that mean? People trying to observe hilchos loshen hara as stated by the Holy Chofetz Chaim ztkl…thats an issue for you? At least admit your weakness and aim to reach a level where you can be careful with your speech. Its worse than the 3 big sins, he said. So if someone is careful…as halacha dictates..they are called ” a crowd”? Vei oif you.

  4. Sounds like the phonebook size (who remembers those?) book written in Yiddish that was dropped off on porches throughout Flatbush a few years ago. Anyone who owns a smartphone is a “goy”. Great argument right there. Into the garbage!

  5. These cards should be banned by Gedolei Yisrael. Any game or book that have children looking down at their parents should be prohibited. as it falls under the halachah of disrespecting parents. There are other ways to get parents not to use Smartphones, definitely not through their children. There’s enough chutzpah out there. We don’t need more by some holier than thou.

  6. Teaching children to disrespect their parents and denigrate authority figures is much worse than using a smartphone.

    I have a smartphone (filtered) and we have Internet at home (also filtered). My younger kids have no access to it and my older kids are being taught to use it responsibly and are given supervised access to what they need for school work and such. By the time they grow up nobody is going to be able to function in society without internet access, and I’d rather they learn to use it properly now than to restrict then until they can finally break free and have no boundaries. Just like we teach our children to use fire responsibly, or cars.

  7. All schools banned these cards this is the biggest chutzpah for children to poke fun of their parents. Its mind boggling that some frum stores have them for sale. These cards are creating monsters out of our children.
    These cards should be burned.

  8. Kevar nishma keren b’Yavne! The ox is out of the barn. If you want to asser something, nip it in the bud, because by now it is too late! just like with the internet, everyone has it & no one will give it up.

  9. Comments 6,7&8 are 100% correct! This is a disgusting ploy to pin children against their parents. Perfect in advance of Parashat Yitro when we’ll read about Kibud Av Vaeim.
    I wonder if those who produced these diseased, vile cards will change the passuk to Kabeid et bincha ve’et Bitcha.

    • It DEFINITELY is chutzpah to talk to parents like this. And you’re a teacher???? Your students must be taught to speak to their parents with utmost respect. Would you give such a command to your Rosh Yeshiva/Rebbe?

  10. Funny.
    Kiruv organizations can make fun of balei teshuva and rabbeim and balei batim.
    They can make parody videos and we all kackle and laugh.
    Not one word of protest. All’s kosher.
    To late now. Leitzunus is liked but mussar is tough to take so we play the religion card, kids are chutzpadik. Baloney. Not one kid ever was disrespectful to their parent because of this card. Never. We the adults are scared because they are true messages and we don’t like it so we say “A Chutzpah”!
    Olam hafuch.

  11. I’m confused

    Those cards are meant seriously?

    I thought they were a hilarious parody of the smartphone is evil crowd

    they are meant to give a message?

    • Everything is meant to give a message. The message you understand and accept is up to you. Just read the comments here and see what message you can take from all this…

  12. I think the main problem is that the adults in the cards are portrayed as disgusting and nauseating.
    That is telling the kids to be disgusted with their parents.

  13. As always, follow the money trail. Who is profiting from this new venture/idea. It’s the same thing with the so called shidduch age-gap crisis. Look who is behind it and making money pf the backs of the downtrodden and guillibe.

  14. So far, I have yet to find someone who (a) does not own a smartphone and (b) is strongly opposed to the Hashomrin cards. Do you?


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