The Matzav Shmoooze: Thank You, Dr. Roberts, for Protecting Our Health



I wish to use this opportunity on to thank Dr. Kasriel Roberts for the wonderful Chol Hamoed carnival that he sponsored yesterday in Lakewood. Dr. Roberts, a man with a large and generous heart, once again fully paid for a beautiful event in order to help frum families. I thank him and his wife and family on behalf of the approximately 10,000 people who attended the carnival at the Vassar Avenue campus of the Lakewood Cheder. Sechorchom harbeh me’od. The Torah is concerned, so to speak, about the money of Klal Yisroel, and Dr. Roberts sponsoring a state-of-the-art carnival reflects his appreciation of this.

I’d also like to especially thank Dr. Roberts for making it clear that those who do not vaccinate their children were not to attend this event, a fact that I first learned in a statement on Dr. Roberts clearly did not make this rule because of any personal agenda. It was because of his realization of the danger that anti-vaxxers pose to our health and wellbeing. He did a great service by shining a light upon how misguided these people are. We have all read many articles on Matzav and elsewhere about the small but misguided group of people who ignore doctors’ orders to immunize.

I myself know a number of anti-vaxxers. They are generally decent people. They are not bad people. They are, in many cases, good people. But as we know, nebach an am haaretz is oich an am haaretz, and nebach a mis-guided anti-vaxxer is oich a mis-guided anti-vaxxer.

The anti-vaxxers present a real and present danger to the health and wellbeing of Yiddishe kinder and I want to thank Dr. Roberts for being brave and astute enough to take the stand that he did.

I wish him continued hatzlacha in his wonderful work.

Ah gutten moed and ah gutten Yom Tov.

L. B. K.






      (At the same time though, we need to remember that with a news site like Matzav, we have no way of knowing who sees the articles and the comments. So it is very possible that someone who had not seen any of Matzav’s previous articles on the subject will suddenly today see this particular one. So it will be extremely imperative for that person to also see in the remarks section as many comments as possible that show the truth of issue of how really terribly dangerous vaccinations are.)

  2. L.B.K.
    I see you have no problem calling fellow Yidden am haaretz. Very nice. It makes you feel good? It helps your self self esteem?
    Besides for name calling, what makes YOU an expert??? You read a blog?

  3. I reiterate a public challenge to Dr Roberts andthe other pro vaxxers in Lakewood as follows, Lets hold a full, open, and honest, live debate, between the best expert pro vaxxer scientists and doctors you can bring to table, with the best anti vaxxer credentialed scientists, and doctors. In my estimation you need about 4 hours to fully hash this out. Here is a list of anti vaxxer and semi anti vaxxer experts that I would recommend most of whom have publicly offered previously to debate Dr Paul Offit who has so far refused.
    1. Dr Suzanne Humphries MD
    2. Dr. James Lyons Weiler Phd
    3. Dr.Andrew Wakefield MD.
    4. Robert Kennedy Jr Esq.
    5. Del Bigtree Producer of “Vaxxed”
    6. Dr Brian Hooker Phd
    7. Dr Toni Bark MD
    8.Dr Yehudah Shoenfeld MD.
    I have volunteered my time to arrange this but Dr Roberts or anyone else is welcome to do it without me. I am making this challenge because I am so confident that the science vindicates the anti vaccine point of view, namely, that there are serious safety concerns with vaccines beyond what the CDC,and AAP, are admitting to publicly, and that an unvaccinated child poses no greater risk of spreading contagion of any disease than a vaccinated child. Until this debate is held and until there is full airing of the scientific evidence from both sides of the debate,I am asking the pro vaxxer side in our community to cease and desist from the campaign to exclude unvaccinated children from schools,camps,and shuls, and to cease and desist the humiliation, ostracization, and defamation of non vaccinators, and to stop the false insinuation that an unvaccinated child or adult is a danger to others or is a bio hazard.

    • Why don’t u take the time to arrange a debate between the moon-landers and non moon-landers. 3 reasons:
      1-Something that is so wrong doesn’t need to be debated. Its like my sister whose 8 who wants to debate if Dr. Middos Time Machine is real.
      2- I won’t waste my time debating even if I’m right. Its like Romney told Obama if u tell a lie many times people will start to believe it (ask Goebbles), why should I give u a platform to spout ur hoaxes.
      3- The gemara says a good doctor has a malach next to him, Dr. Shanick is such a doctor (as countless gedolim can attest), a Dr. that the whole lakewood holds of. I don’t think a malach would stay next to a shakran.

    • Cute. I recognize a few of the names of the pro-polio “experts”.
      Dr. Andrew Wakefield is the British GI doc who claimed to have found a link between autism and measles vaccine. That link was proven false. It was later found that he had been paid 400,000 British pounds to write his “study” by a law firm that was filing a lawsuit against vaccine makers. Oh, and then we found out he was forming a $70,000,000 company based on his “research” (that’s 70 million dollars….and the pro-polio people say the pro-vacc anti-polio people are in it for money!!!).
      Robert Kennedy is a left wing lunatic. Just read up on him, enough said.
      Brian Hooker, PhD, is a man whose son has autism, tried to blame vaccines, tried to file lawsuits (of course for the principle, not the money) who has published “research” which has since been redacted when it was revealed how sloppy (read: dishonest) his methods have been.
      Suzanne Humphries is a trained nephrologist turned homeopath.
      You left out other “experts” such as Boyd Haley, the chemistry professor who wants everyone to believe that thimerosal in vaccines cause autism so that they will all go out and buy his product, OSR#1, that he claims will remove mercury and cure autism.
      Would love to see a debate between all the pro-polio experts- let then fight out what causes autism. Wakefield can defend his measles theory, while Haley and Kennedy will talk about thimerosal, then we can have Schonfeld talk about aluminum… of course, they can’t be all right, can they?

    • You are asking to cease and desist… Lol
      You are as lost in lala land about your ability to order a cease and desist as you are about not vaccinating…..

  4. Shame on you anti-vacc people for attacking Dr Roberts for taking his position. Thank you Matzav for posting it and thank you Dr Roberts
    To does that disagree- OK – thanks for not coming (I imagine you didn’t have the chutzpah to come)
    If you decided to deny your children vaccinations, that’s your decision. It’s a bad decision but you think you are doing the right thing for them, so fine
    But you have no right to jeopardize someone else’s children or the teachers of your children. Nor can you force any school to take them in
    Nor are you allowed to bring them to shul to play with any kids
    Just keep them home please

  5. Serious question. Was there a real safety concern to have non-vaccinated people at the carnival or was the carnival used as a medium to express Dr. Roberts stance on the matter. Either way, I don’t think it is such a big deal to miss a carnival.

  6. Roberts asked for this he decided to politicize the yearly carnival by dis inviting the anti vaxxers he had all year to address the issue he chose the battle, now its fair play.

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