The Matzav Shmoooze: Super Bowl Hock – What Has Happened to Us?


football-stadiumDear Editor,

I am greatly shterred by all the attention paid to the Suber Bowl. It is not a Yiddishe event. If some people can’t be gover their yeitzer and feel they have to watch and listen to the game, b’seder, it’s their own gesheft. That’s their cheshbon. But why does there have to be so much pirsum about it in our machaneh?

Gradeh, this year I can hear it a bit more for the olam in the tri-state to be into it, because there is a New York team involved, but in stam a year I always thought it was mudneh when they average guy would get all into the game when he has no shaychus to either team.

But even this year, it has crossed the line. I mean, it’s mamesh out of control, with everyone talking about it ah gantzen tog, yomam v’laylah. I heard someone saying to his chaver that he is very upset that someone he knows is making a chasunah tonight. “Doesn’t he know that there is a Super Bowl?” the person said. Another person was surprised that Acheinu is making an asifa tonight. “How can they do that when we have things to be oseik in?” he said.

What has happened to us? Amol, the olam following a sport would try to hide it a shtickel because of the bushah. The bushah was geferlach, because, lemaaseh, it’s not ideal for a ben Torah. Now there’s no bushah anymore. Chaval.

I understand that sports isn’t the most geferliche zach, but when it reaches such a madreigah of mamesh being oseik in it like a mitzvah, it is no longer acceptable. (And agav, while the game might be okay, the commercials and other parts are zicher not for a ben Torah if we are being emesdik.)

I’m not a groise kanna’i and I am b’emesdik a very tolerant guy. I know the realities, which is why I am not being lochem about this in general. But everyone, in an honest moment, would be maskim that we have gone past an acceptable gevul. Ich bet fun der olam, let’s bring the kedushah back into our lives. All this other stuff is naarishkeiten.

Shkoach for reading my verter, which were written mamesh from der hartz.

Kol tuv. Ah gutten tog. May you have gevaldige nachas fun der gantzeh mishpacha.

Besuros tovos.



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  1. This article is very true. Did our ancestors in Europe celebrate this evil event that has caused thousands of pure Yiddishe neshamos to perish in the flame of the Sitra Achra? Of course not! We should try to emulate our forebears and fulfill their wishes. That is, to not do such activities and only worship Hashem

  2. Lemeisah, de zugst a shtarkeh zach! Uber ver fregt eich?

    Nisht do vus tzu reiden, sports is a” bunch of “Gavroh’s” and the super bowl is a “Cheftzoh”!

  3. It’s sad. This guy is making a very serious point – but in order to get people to read it he has to dress it up in Yeshivish so it sounds like a bit of a joke.

    The whole Superbowl issue is not funny. For frume yidden to get so involved in professional football – which these days is big business – is questionable. Watching the Superbowl ads – there’s no question that this is problematic. Those ads are not for a ben Torah.

  4. il be moisif, its one thing to watch the game, but to have a SB party with wings and beer?! These are the things happening in our machane. Its a klhor chashash deoiraisa of chukas hagoiy to make a simcha and a seudas bosor. It has no peshat! Mamash like a bunch of nidrigeh goyim. What has happened to us? INTERNET!

  5. Great! Made the point in a way people will be mekabel! You should be a mashgiach tolerant, understanding with your hashkafah in the right place!

  6. I want to give the mechaber of this shtickel mussar and hisoyrerus ah GROYSE SHKOYACH! These were zicher hartzigefelte words meant to bring to the attention of the oylem just how much narishkeiten and shtusim they allow themselves to be arayngetun in. We should all shteig to hecher and hecher madreigos, b’poyel mamesh and not just in our reid.

  7. years ago in chelm, the rav was learning. little children playing outside were shterring his get them to leave, he said a 7 foot man was giving out candy on the other side of town.the kids ran to get the candy and the rav went back to his learning.a short while later, he heard another tumult outside.adults were running with their children. “some 7 foot guy is giving out candy”, they said.the rav laughed and went back to his learning. again he heard a tumult, and this time they were saying “a 7 foot guy is giving out money and gold”. thid time the rav put on his coat and started running himself. hashem gave us sports to keep the umos haolam busy so we can serve hashem without being bothered.unfortunately we are not taking advantage and are running along with the crowd

  8. Ok I get it let’s make fun of the guy who speaks the truth!
    Ha very funny !
    Every yid that is involved in Super Bowl parties should be ashamed of themselves

  9. Ok I get it let’s make fun of the guy who speaks the truth!
    Ha very funny !
    Every yid that is involved in Super Bowl parties should be ashamed of themselves

  10. al kol panim, it gradder sounds like a good taaneh, if not a boich sevarah, but i don’t know, my supper bowl was filled with chulent and kishke! mamesh gevaldig!! 😀

  11. you know that this letter was a joke,
    (nobody writes like this…it has all the markings of a troll)

    I’m sure there are bunch of guys who were in on this that just can’t stop laughing!

  12. Just realize, we are in america…. so we have freedom to Practice our religion….. living in america doesnt give us allowance to neglect our religion!!!

  13. Ven nit fahr sporrts vult di goyim efsher nisht gehaht vos tzu tohn uhn zei vult chas v’shalom ungeheib’n mit unz. Oib ich bin gerecht darf’n mir zein dahnkbar fahr sporrts

  14. Lemasaaseh the hock was tackeh a hecher to the yiddishe machane. I hurd that a yid was shtuuping dougies wings (yemachshemam vezichram)into their boich.
    Yidden are besimcha ubber der eibeshter is mamesh arangetung in tears.
    Eppes der beis hamikdash isnt hichen altz klal yisroel being mitaroves mit der oilam.
    Epes yiesh breirah if der frask on der panim to duh moishav leitzim mit deh hocking eh psik reishah dlo nichah leih in der suber bowl!!!!

  15. I don’t see the humor in this. Here in EY, a bachur who’s caught following sports wouldnt get a shidduch even if he did 1000 siyums.


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