The Matzav Shmoooze: Sick and Getting Sicker


pinstripes-yankeesDear Editor,

The media is so one-sided and so biased, I am amazed they get away with what they do. If they like you, they’ll give you a pass for the worst crimes and sins. If they hate you, they’ll rip you apart like a cat tearing through yesterday’s dinner in your trash can.

Take an athlete who is accused of using steroids and performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). If he’s hurt anyone at all, it is himself and possibly his sport. Who knows. But instead of keeping some perspective, the newspapers portray him as the most evil person since Genghis Khan.

Murderers get a free pass. Abusers get covered up for. Womanizers and immoral celebrities are lionized. But a guy is accused of bulking up for baseball and suddenly he’s the new Saddam Hussein. And this from a self-righteous media that has decided for America what is right and what is wrong, what is moral and what is not.

How come no one has called out the media for their non-stop trashing of one guy, while they seem to set their own standards of morality for those in Hollywood and elsewhere?

In the words of the great Bob Grant, it’s sick out there and it’s getting sicker.

BB Jaroslawitz

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  1. Agreed. And they quote from their sources as if its true and that they have inside information that nobody else has. The best one was ” SAYS A PERSON WITH KNOWLEDGE OF ARODS THOUGHT PROCESS”‘ And this is from the biggest in the business.

  2. “Murderers get a free pass. Abusers get covered up for. Womanizers and immoral celebrities are lionized. But a guy is accused of bulking up for baseball and suddenly he’s the new Saddam Hussein.”
    They’re all a bunch of menuvalim in the eyes of Torah so who cares?

  3. i AGREE thousand percent
    The media is shameful
    besides the fact that hundreds of players used PEDs yet they are making a korbon only out of R’ Alexander Emmanuel. Stam a shandeh the whole thing.

  4. Sheker and cheating is very much against Torah values. It’s “Kodma laTorah” – a PRE-Requisite for Torah because if you look for the Emes in Torah with Sheker, you probably will not get to the Emes. A person who cheats his way to success is to be despised (in my opinion). I’m not saying that the media is “gevaldig”, BUT I don’t think the media should be criticized for THIS.

  5. This is a sad reflection of society. Since people care about baseball, a baseball villain is polarized. If there was an issue with a bingo player nobody would care; people care because this is baseball.

    Therefore, I have to respectfully disagree with you. You criticie the media; however, the issue is with society, which is where the pathetic media takes its cue.

  6. The yesod of this article is so wrong. The shaila over here is nogea to the etzem game playing of baseball and whether or not someone who is drugged up illegally is like someone who is using an aluminum bat instead of a wooden one. We don`t care about his personal life only if what we see is real or fake

  7. It actually makes sense to me. The importance in this world is generally judged on the amount of money a person makes. A bingo player may make a few bucks – no one cares. A baseball player who makes millions, is on TV, considered an idol to many of todays youth – he would often have more influence on people than then president. So when they do something wrong – it has a huge influence and suddenly a idol is cut down and will be trashed – until the next big one falls.

    Would you prefer that they would honor him & give him a bonus for getting caught?!

  8. I agree that while plenty of people have cheated he gets different treatment because he is the most paid player of them all.

    But i cant believe we are discussing this unfair treatment instead of what is being done in the media about Israel/PA conflict.

  9. Synopsis for those who have no clue about the story?

    I doubt any professional athlete is not using “enhancers”. I do realize and appreciate they are making a living by risking *their own* health and not someone else’s.


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