The Matzav Shmoooze: Seeking a Bracha Due to Bad Mazel


child_cryingDear friends,

I have been having very bad mazel for at least five years now and cannot find parnasah, a shidduch, had my car impounded, etc.  I have tried to make teshuvah and gave tzedekah, but things are not getting better.
Could you please say a brocha for me?  I have also tried to contact Rav Dovid Batzri and sent an e-mail.
Do you have any advice for me?
Thank you.
Rochel Bat Esther
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  1. I unfortunately do not have any advice for you. However I do emphasize with you. May you be blessed in every way.

    I will pray for you.

    Think for a moment about our grandfather Avraham. He went out of his way to do EVERYTHING for Hashem.
    In fact, his own father handed him in to be burnt alive!
    Hashem tells him to leave everything behind and, just travel. Where to? Destination unknown! But, once there you’ll be blessed. Lo and behold, once he arrives, there’s no food!
    So now he travels to Egypt, and his wife is kidnapped! On and on.

    Everyone is having children, and he does not. All those doing all sorts of bad thing seem to be more successful

    Look at it from Sara’s perspective. She marries the person fighting the world. You know, the funny one….who does everything different, because she believes in Hashem. And she wants that guy who also believes in Hashem.

    She watches him being fought, but she joins his battle. Now she’s told, “get up and just leave. You will be blessed.”
    Well, so they travel. FINALLY, they arrive. Now what, “You want to travel again?! No food?” So they travel. She gets put into a box! (Nice travel arraignments?)
    Then she gets kidnapped by the horrible Pharaoh.
    She’s 65, and sadly, no kids.

    Ten years later of doing all sorts of good, and still no kids.

    So her husband now marries her maid. And, the maid becomes pregnant that night!

    She gets treated horribly by her maid, her husbands other wife!

    Her maid has a child with HER husband. And she, who is doing everything for Hashem, is barren. No child.
    Her husband? He has another woman and a child.

    However, she continued serving Hashem.
    At the age of ninety, she did have a child. A child that lit up the world, forever.
    The best child ever. (Even with him, she never saw him get married… She passed away when he was 37 – still single.)

    But her grandchildren, us, are eternally blessed. She had the best child ever.

    Please hang in. We care and love you, dear sister.

  2. It’s all in your mind, the more you think about bad mazel, the more you attract negativity in your life.

    Let go of your negative thinking. Look at the positive things in your life, you have eyes, you have a computer, you have money for a car.

    Stop wallowing in self-pity, stop perceiving yourself as a victim, and your mazel will change.

  3. Rochel, I hope your mazel turns around. May you find a shiddusch bekorov and may hashem grant you a good parnosoh.I am BH married with children but have had parnosoh problems for the last 10 years.

    My advice: I have recently read the Garden of emuna by Rabbi Shalom Arush. It really helps you look at hardships and increases your emuna. I do a section a day. I’m going through it for the second time now. It has really helped increase my Emuna & Bitachon and made me feel a lot better. I am not out of the woods yet but things are better.

    Hatzlocho Rabba

  4. Have you ever done wrong to anybody or spoken loshon hora about anyone? If so, you may want to ask mechilah from them first. Hashem deals middah k’neged middah with us and deals very seriously with the harm we inflict on His creations.

    You might also want to read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.

    Hatzlachah Rabbah!

  5. go to rav shlomo levin (son of rav aryeh levin). he lives in yerushalaim opposite the ger bais medrash (which is located on yirmiyahu street).I think he lives on elkana street. he says a certain teffila to remove an ayin hara (as he does it, his eyes turn red!). however, his wife passed away last week, so I guess that you should wait a little. also, he suggests to say the psukim “nega tzaraas”, and I understood from him that r’ elyashiv used to say it (they have the psukim posted in many shuls, you can also find them on the internet- I just checked).

  6. There is no mazal for Jewish people. It is all about what Hashem wants or does not want. In general a person is supposed to do everything possible to make a living and pray with heart and soul for Hashems help. However a bit of advice. Take upon yourself something that may be a little hard to do and Hashem will notice the extra mile you show him. Word of advice: Don’t go around fishing brochos from people. Go directly to Hashem and he himself will help you. I pray that Hashem show you his grace asap. Kol Tuv

  7. ain mazel leyisrael

    I know a way to get a bracha from the One in charge. He can be reached at any time, any where. And He loves you more than anyone else. Speak to Him heart to heart. He loves the teffilos of a broken heart more than anything else. The Zohar says that a teffila said with a broken heart bypasses even the teffilah of tzadikim!

  8. Hashem listens to the downtrodden. Never give up!! The bitachon you demonstrate in your letter gives me so much chizuk. Thank you!!!

  9. First “Emi Anochi B’Tzorah”May Hashem make the situation better for you.

    Many years ago I was going through much more difficult times.I considered changing my name etc.I wasn’t going to go a mekubal but I was told that Rav Yisroel Yaakov Fisher (Raavad of the Eda) was into these type of things.I went to him and told him the situation and asked what I can do to change my Mazel.He looked at me incredulously and said “I have the ability to change peoples Mazel!?!?”

    At that point I though things were hopeless.I still don’t have an easy life but now that I’m older I able to cope with and accept it.And yes I’m comfortable with it.

  10. Hashem should give you mazel. Have you considered changing your location, such as to a different state or to Eretz Yisroel? Maybe speak to your Rav about it. I’ll keep davening for you.

    Be well!

  11. Advice: Daven and give tzaddaka. That’s it. And allow Hashem to decide when to give you what you want. Or not to. If you daven properly then things are better- whether you find a job shidduch, etc. or not.
    More advice: Stay away from charletans.

  12. G-d does not guarantee you will be rich. G-d does not guarantee you will be married when YOU want to get married. G-d does guarantee you can make teshuvah and your charity will be received if given with a true heart. So give to charity and make repentance. And perhaps your time is yet to come.

  13. The Chofetz Chaim said that the best segulah is to answer “Amein, yehei Shemei Raba…” with all your might, as the Gemara maintains. I have personally found this a very practical practice.




    BE BESIMCHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. There many ways you can find a job. Don’t give hope you can daven in 7 part of blessing in shema kolanu right before ki you say Hashem please listen to me I beg you to help me find a job and have easy day. Or you can daven theillm

  16. Try to find a good therapist. After some serious therapy weigh out whether or not your issues are truly due to bad luck or that story being easier to face than internal pain you may have. Once you’ve absolutely ruled out other possibilities, check out the aiyin horah lady in Israel who cooks a dish to view images inside of it.

  17. I made a kabbalah to keep my phone shut (not even on vibrate) the entire davening & I started seeing improvement in my Matzav. Try it It is def. a great zchus!

  18. just know that there are those who understand you are in pain, and are crying with you.

    hashem should quickly heal your pain
    just know we care

    yeshuas Hashem keheref ayin
    in the blink of an eye!
    blink away the tears and smile!
    every minute is one minute closer to Hashem’s solution!

  19. Just buy the Safar In Amunah Gorten. (yiddish) I thing they have a version in hebrew and english your life will change completly. Also listen to the Amunah Shirum from Rabbie Waksman of Monsey and you will see how things are going the right way.

  20. maybe take on a kabbala to improve an a middoh, tsnius, speech etc. I wish you hatzlocho in everything you are looking for.

  21. The gemara says that Moshe Rabeinu ,the rebbe of all of klal yisroel was only answered with tefillah. Eliyahu Hanavi was answered with Tfilas Mincha . The avos and imahos were answered also through tfilah. What is importatnt about tfilah says the Ohr Hachaim Hakodoish is the timing of prayer. Its brough down in many seforim in the name of Reb Shimon Bar Yoichai that at the time of Alos Hashachar (72 min before sunrise) is a tremendous eis ratzoin and that even reshaim are answered with there tfilos and requests.
    May Hashem answer all our tfilos letoivoh bekarov.

  22. Does anyone have any ideas about how to deal with irreligious non-observant and really not even interested in religion at all, in-laws? Some are so against Torah, that they have married non Jews. It creates all kinds of shalom bayis problems etc. They think mikva is backward from another century. Yet, any legal holiday they want to get together at our house because they love the food, and we are the ones who keep kosher. They have no intention of doing teshuva

  23. Send me a big check and I guarantee your mazel will change.
    Send me a bigger check and I guarantee your mazel will change for the good.

  24. Don’t give up keep praying doing chesed HASHEM will surely help. With emuna and bitochen the burden is sooooo much lighter

  25. prays daily Psalms 39 and 77, they are specific to the mazal change for the better according to the books of Rabbeinu (Rav Nachman of breslev). Worked with me.


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