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car-pull-overDear readers,

Quick question: Can anyone explain to me why people seem to have no problem stopping their car in the middle of the street to talk to someone, to drop someone off, or to pick someone up? It’s as if they are the only people in the world, and it is irrelevant that there are cars behind them.

Even if there is room to pass, such as on a two-way street, that usually requires one to go on to the other side of the road to get by. Why can’t people pull over like a mentch? Not a day goes by that I don’t get stuck behind one of these winners who seems to think that he or she is the only person in the world as they park right in the middle of the road.

Sometimes there are people hitching for a ride, so the driver will stop in middle of the road, roll down his window, and ask where the person is going. If you want to be benevolent and offer a ride, pull over a speak to the person. Don’t do it on everyone else’s cheshbon.

Sick and Tired


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  1. I am disabled. When someone comes to give me a ride or brings me home, and someone is blocking my driveway, the driver of the car does need to stop in the middle of the street to let me off or help me in, which does take a minute or two, and I really don’t appreciate the honking. It really doesn’t make it go any faster. If anything, it just makes me more nervous and it takes much longer for me to maneuver myself. And when my friend shops for me and delivers my groceries,and, again, someone is blocking my driveway, you are going to have to wait a couple of minutes. Why don’t you use the time sitting in the car to develop the midos of savlonus and vatronus? Then you won’t feel that your precious time has been wasted.

  2. How about this:
    Car stops in the middle of the street (in front of driver’s house) to let off a FEW passengers, while of course they’re shmoosing with the driver. After, & only AFTER everyone’s out of the car – the driver then pulls into his driveway.
    Now why oh why is Mashiach not here?

  3. You gotta be dan lekaf zechus!!! You New Yorker, I can’t stand people like you who are so impatient!

  4. #8 I was not aware that extending one’s middle finger was what was meant.

    #6 We’re not talking about a situation like yours. We’re talking about people who have a spot where they CAN pull over and DON’T pull over.

    If people are blocking your driveway, why don’t you tell them to move, or call the police?

  5. Well said!!! all you people saying chill, maybe the car behind you is in a rush, why do we have to wait for you to have a discussion, or get the stroller or packages out of the trunk?! to no.6 if people would not be inconsiderate and block your driveway you would have no problem so we are back to people being inconsiderate. Also the original writer is not arguing about people who double park and there is room to pass, he is referring to those who literally stop where they are and block the street.

  6. I hate to say it but when this happens to me, and it happens on a daily basis, what comes to mind is that antisemitism is sometimes justified.

  7. ditto to the writer of this article. Everyone has a big ego and thinks bshvili nivra haoloam. To #6 he wasn’t talking about you.

  8. What bothers me even more is not using the turning signal so we know to go around (when there’s room). At least that little bit of consideration. To top it off, if you go around and they’re ready to roll, they’ll roll right there with you in the wrong lane.

  9. Anywhere in the US when a light turns RED, cars STOP, people don’t cross the street and everything is orderly. In New York the light could be RED, cars continue while honking their horns and people wander into the street like a herd of behaimos.

    Start teaching some Derech Eretz, and proper manners to our kids at at a young age. It will do them good and will last a lifetime.

  10. #9 and #12, I’m TIRED of this Loshon Hora, “You must be from New York,” labeling all New Yorkers as evil, every time someone doesn’t like what another person said or did.

    Would you like to me to write, “You must be from Wherever-You’re-From,” if I don’t like something that you said or did?

    We’re talking here about having Middos and being considerate. What does this have to do with where a person is from or with being impatient?

    If someone CAN pull over to the side of the street, so that he does not block the traffic behind him, and yet he does NOT pull over, this is inconsiderate.

    #16 Anti-Semitism is NEVER justified. I think that what you meant to write is that this is what causes Anti-Semitism to HAPPEN, as this inconsiderate behavior causes a Chillul Hashem.

  11. #7 – Wrong. I don’t do that. Nor do I run stop signs or red lights. And I certainly don’t make a left turn on the wrong side of the road to the passengers side of the car trying to get out of the side street. you may do this, but I don’t.

    Another hazard that these inconsiderate people do is after they finish talking or dropping someone off or picking someone up is they start going again without looking to see if someone is trying to get around them – and if someone is, they speed up to make sure they stay in front.

    You may drive like a person without care for another persons life either drivers or pedestrians – but I do care!

  12. New York was the only place I ever lived where you could get hit standing on the sidewalk, and I’ve been around.

    On the other hand, just about anywhere in the country now you can ch’v get run over crossing with the light by someone who’s turning while talking on their cell phone.

    #1 – make and enforce laws against phoning while driving.

    #2 – make a short course in common driving courtesy required for renewing a driver’s license.

  13. #20 i AM from NY. and i do think its funny that NYers think that honking and giving the finger is a way of saying good morning!


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