The Matzav Shmoooze: Patronize Your Own


cell-phoneDear Editor,

I recently read a letter and then a news tidbit lauding a frum business for providing a booth following Hurricane Sandy for recharging cell phones free of charge. The lines were so tremendous that they had to put up a second booth. This was praised as being a wonderful Kiddush Hashem, which it was.

The problem I have is that this same business has a policy of not advertising in the frum community. That is, as a company policy, the business advertises in secular media – only, exclusively.

Want a Kiddush Hashem? Support those in your own community. Advertise with those in your own circles. Patronize those in frum kehillos. That, my friends, will be a true Kiddush Hashem.


A Fellow Yid

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  1. Good point.

    We tend to forget that the greatest form of Kiddush Hashem is between fellow Yidden. (Just see the Rambam)

    But, they do provide jobs to Yidden, which they do deserve credit for.

    But they could seek to show off their benevolence to Yidden, even a little more…

  2. Let me preface that I am not from the Tri-State area.

    Advertising in the community does not support the community. It supports a private enterprise that profits from these ads.

    Placing an ad in a local organizations journal is supporting the community.

    Before putting down this business, why don’t you give them credit for the chesed they did in a time of need?

    On the other side of the coin, in my community, the members chose to use trades from outside the community without giving their own an opportunity to quote a price or to match a price.

    Kudos to the business that has done such a chessed. Having charged cell phone can save lives.

  3. Wow such reshaim! They would rather lose the frum business they could attract by advertising in the frum media than help a nother yid make money by advertising with them. I’m sure they don’t pay the hundreds of frum employees they have a decent wage. They probably only hired them so they could take advantage of them. Mamesh reshaim.

  4. Mabe be dan lekaf zechus?? How bout it? Maybe they choose to cater to the secular community for various reasons… Or theyre located in a secular areA….!or they do advertise in J magazines u just never came across it?? Because they do!!!!!!

  5. This has got to be one of the silliest letters here.

    One can hardly say that they don’t not provide parnassah specifically to inzere.

    Their advertising is targeted to everyone, they are not targeting just your community. You want them to spend in a magazine or periodical that does nothing for them? Don’t you have rachmonos on yiddishe gelt?

  6. what a dumb narrow minded comment, a company would spend for advertisements where his clientel is coming from, 99% of customers are coming from the secular world so why in the world should they advertise in the frum community if doesn’t bring them any business, as a matter of fact they do advertise in the jewish community for business opportunities.

  7. Shame on you for calling out a company that:
    1)Has HUNDREDS of frum employees
    2) Uses frum suppliers/contracters etc.
    3) Is mekadesh Shaim Shamayim by closing both their store and WEBSITE on Shabbos
    They feel (rightfully so) that advertising in frum newpapers for flat screen HD home entertainment systems is not a wise business move.

    You certainly separated yourself from the rest of TORAH by calling yourself a ‘YID’ and not a JEW.
    I AM A JEW
    I am NOT a yid.

    In respect to your comment.
    Many if not all frum media has very strict guidelines, proper or not about wy\ho and what and how they will accept advertisers.Some will not accept any pictures of a womans face, not even the face…

    I suggest before you start a revolution in your mind that you first learn how to live the world in a happy, understanding and knowledgeable character.

    Instead of praising someone who was helpful you want to copndemn them which pushes them further away if they were ‘away’ at all. Its you that we should stay away from.You are the ‘yid’ thats away’.

    You want to be in the ghettos of poland, then go…but WE ARE IN THE 4 CORNERS OF THE EARTH TO BRING HASHEM NOT TO PUSH THEM AWAY from HASHEM. People have to learn to walk through society without being so obnoxious…. and if they are jewish helping the ‘observant community’ NOT the ‘frum yid ‘I SAID THE *OBSERVANT community… then welcome them.

    SOME OF YOU ARE REDICULOUS. I am a TORAH JEW AND I HAVE WISHED SOME SO CALLED ‘HASID BLACK SUITED JEWS ‘SHABBAT SHALOM’ and my good wishes are spit on because I dont wear a european custume?
    while the jails are filled with black suited ”hasid” for fraud and assorted other crimes I have seen that visiting one of the ”hasid’ in prison and they even built a midrash there are so many ”hasid criminals and you want to separate?

    MOSHE RABBEINU came down with ONE TORAH,


    I am busy now…I have to go feed camel and bind some copies of ‘Shulchan Aruch’

  9. 1. They give a tremendous amount of tzedaka.
    2. They employee a many many frum yidden.
    3. Their primary client base is not the frum oilem.

    How about if I told you they don’t want to have a hand in bringing the frum oilem to the filthy city? What if they don’t want to take business away from the frum local stores?

  10. Maybe the business owner doesn’t want to entice Frum people to buy TV’s and computers, so he only advertises in the secular media.

  11. In 1989 the late Rosh Yeshiva, HaRav Mordechai Gifter, zt”l was asked to speak on “Where is Orthodxy Going in the 90’s’ He started by saying something to the effect that he does not understand the title of the discussion an tha”he is a Torah Observant Jew”

  12. Let me tell you something else about this company you are complaining about. One of their major competitors is also owned by a Frum Jew. During the storm this second company lost power to their warehouse which was also threatened by flooding. The first company called them up to lend them a generator and even offered them space in their warehouse if they should need it!

  13. First of all advertising in the frum community, unless you are selling something that is only useful to the frum community is a tremendous ripoff. You pay the same amount or less for much more exposure in the general community. Let the frum publications charge relative to their true reach and we may see a change.

  14. They give parnassa to “some” members of klal yisroel that would otherwise NEVER be hired by anyone else! They are closed every Shabbos & Yom Tov INCLUDING Chal Hamoed! Because they don’t advertise in some stupid little advertizing rag they throw at your front door, actualy shows they have Seichel. That is NOT their costumer base. They are smart in that they know WHERE to get the most bang for their buck. Sucessful business 101. The writer is just a LOSER competitor! You keep advertising in those rags & see where it gets you!

  15. How about the fact that they lent their generator to another Frum camera store, Adorama, who is their competition when they lost power and THEY didn’t? Is that also not tzidkus on their part because they don’t advertise in the etc? I don’t think that any frum publication is suffering because they choose not to target the frum oilam. They employ HUNDREDS of frum people and give parnasa to their families. What a stupid article!

  16. stop complaining and give credit where credit is due.These days people’s whole life is their cellphones and it can literally be their lifeline when their is no power. this company simply saved lives. If someone had said that they rescued someone from a burning building would you complain that they don’t advertise in Jewish publications?

  17. What an idiotic letter! Without their advertising, are any frum publications at risk of going under? We have, B”H more frum magazines and websites than ever before.

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