The Matzav Shmoooze: Overdone 9/11 Anniversary Coverage


9-11-ten-years-laterDear readers,

I think that overdid their whole 9/11 coverage. I mean, article after article and video after video?! It didn’t end. You, Matzav, stooped to the level of the secular media. Every film, every audio, every clip, every article…how much did we need to see and read? And it’s all void of any Torah content. How many times do we have to hear some reporter shout, “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!” This is Torah?!

In general, the frum media overdid its 9/11 coverage and you,, went lockstep with this mentality. I am, frankly, very bothered. Where is the Torah hashkafah in all this over-the-top coverage of an anniversary of a terror attack?

Bothered in Brooklyn


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  1. I don’t agree. Matzav does a great job printing the news as it effects the frum commnity. we suffered and lost loved ones on 9/11 and need to have a kosher media outlet to see the coverage of 9/11 memorial. Thank you Matzav!

  2. Bothered in Brooklyn:
    9-11 was a day of choices. Did you make the proper choices for YOURSELF? If you wanted to investigate, research, understand and feel the pain of others by viewing videos, reading articles, listening to audios you had the opportunity. AND I thank Matzav for accumulating all the information on their site so that U-Tube and other sites were avoided.
    There were many choices for the day: Increase your dose of chesed or learning, visit those who lost family members, stop off at Fire houses and express gratitude, think about life in America and how 9-11 altered it forever, put more love, dedication to family and extended family members, visit an ailing relative.
    Choices are an important component of life, there are those who cherish opportunities to choose and those who back off to the corner when having to make any decision.
    Thank you Matzav for allowing us a day to increase patriotism for our country and its servicemen.

  3. It was a terrible tragedy for the country, the city, and for the frum community. However if you want a direct Torah Hashkafah to take from it; its Elul.

  4. I am very surprised and confused why anyone would critize any media for covering the 9/11 events,regardless of the amount of space they chose to use to report this major event in U.S. history.

    I’m from the generation that remembers how the news media reported on the l0 year anniversary of the assassination of President Kenndey. The entire day was set aside to remember and memorialize this great man. Of course there was no internet in those day, so we spent the day in front of the radio/televison watching/listening and remembering.

    I am also from the generation who remembers the Nuremberg trials on televison. Day after day there was coverage of these heinous acts that were subjected on jews. Would you have critized mdia coverage on this event?

    I am happy you did not lose anyone dear to you from this horrific event, but please show some form of compassion to this nation, and the citizens who’s lives were changed forever. Please keep you selfish comments to yourself, and if you think there is too much coverage on any event, just choose not to read it.

  5. I’m confused. Are you coming to Matzav looking for Torah? For that I sit down with a gemarah.
    I come to Matzav for news, and I think they did a fine job of capturing the news of the day!

  6. In light of this post it would be apropos to mention that dedicated a new site to the Torah outlook on 9/11 and how Jews are supposed to commemorate it.

  7. How can you say when enough is? The truth is it can never be overdone!

    For how many people does it happen, that they read one article about any tragedy that happens and totally forget it by the time they turn the next page!

    Especially for a tragedy of such massive proportions we do still forget about it, and live life as if it never occurred!
    Just the opposite of what the writer suggests, I think that the same must coverage must continue every year on its anniversary as a reminder to what happened so we could feel the pain again and be able to feel for and with those who suffered as a result.

    It is terrible that someone can think that he/she knows when enough is enough (for everyone) by coverage of a tragedy which lost so many lives so close to home.
    (I know for myself that this year’s videos on Matzav really struck a cord and left me absolutely shocked and moved more so than in past years, and it was good since in some ways we become immune to our neighbors suffering and have trouble sharing in each others pain.)
    Yasher Koach Matzav!

  8. I think the writer of this letter is extremely narrow minded by thinking that “oh my g-d” is something like a curse,
    the truth is the opposite, when a reporter shouts “Oh my G-D”, its a kiddush Hashem, it shows that when worse comes to worse he subconsciously believes in a higher power.

  9. Sorry buddy, but you need to get real. 9-11 was a very difficult and painful part of many of our lives, and I think Matzav did a wonderful job covering yesterdays events. If you want Torah go to the bias madras don’t come cursing around the Internet. Whats your heter for cursing the Internet anyways?

  10. First of all i would like to COMPLETELY disagree with the above and THANK and COMMEND, “Matzav” for doing an excellent job providing full coverage on this most important day,and memorial event.

    Second, I would like to condemn the above author for his insensitivity, or perhaps lack of understanding of sep.11 2011.

    “an anniversary of a terror attack” if that’s the way you encapsulate the magnitude of what occurred- you my friend have missed the boat- badly!

  11. Dear Bothered, what could bother you so much about the 9/11 anniversary coverage? Would you feel different if one of your family members or close friends chas vshalom perished on that day? If we can internalize this day to have a special meaning for us – similar to the way a person can internalize the meaning of a yahrtzeit – dont you think the coverage is fair? As for the torah hashkafah for it, what do you see in the torah as saying its wrong? To ask an innocent question is one thing – but to state that “I am, frankly, very bothered” is outright non-sensitivity and i think displays a lack of emotional connection both to yourself and to others.

  12. I don’t get the writers complaint.But perhaps there shouldn’t of been such a focus on ceremonies that omitted the mention of Hashem as a matter of principle.

  13. perhaps the author is an immature young person, who was just a child in 2001 , and therefore doesn’t really understand what really happened (or what’s going on in the world). In which case the author more than anyone is in need or an overdose of 9-11.

    can “too much” be said about 3,000 innocent people murdered????

  14. 9/11 affected every american regardless of his race or religion we in the orthodox community lost many of our young people that day. setting up a day to remember the first criminal attack on our land that killed 3,000 innocent people and matzav’s reporting on it was wonderful keep up the great work

  15. I can understand why the emotive (and emotional)people of America chose to wallow in an unprecedented orgy of self-pity and guilt purging over the tenth anniversary of the events of 11 September 2001.

    Nevertheless, “Ground Zero” is not and never was the navel of the world. Americans will no doubt be astonished to read this, but there is a whole wide world outside the fifty states of the Union.

    Wars were raging – outside the United States.

    Crimes continued to be committed – outside lower Manhattan and all over the world.

    Pestilence continued to wreak havoc all over the world – outside the New York area.

    Americans: wake up to the fact that what had happened should – and was – commemorated. But do not make yourselves look like utter fools in the eyes of the rest of the world.

    9/11 happened. 9/11 has been commemorated. Will all the hullaballoo and hype bring back a single soul? NO.

    Get over it and get on with your lives.

  16. Maybe “Bothered” did lose a family member or close person on 9/11 & finds it difficult to relive all the pain.

    Also, maybe someone can explain to me the significance of the 10 year anniversary vs. say the 9th or 11th year???

  17. Overdone? Every time the media provides a service today it is “overdone”. I felt it was done very well thanks. What a nasty thing to say after the 10th anniversary of such an event.

  18. While I don’t think any amount of coverage in regard to 9-11 is overdone, but at what point do say stop! Why do have have to hear the reaction of 274 different newsreporters when they saw the 2nd plane hit the towers. “Oh my gosh!” in 274 differnt voices?? Is that the only difference??

    One of the important rolls of a memorial is to learn from what happpened and discuss what we can all do to never let it happen again. One of the main things missing from all the memorial coverage, ACROSS ALL SPECTRUMS OF THE MEDIA, was the omission of who did this to us and why. There was practically no mention of the MUSLIMS who attacked us in the name of Islam in ANY media outlet.

    It would have been good for all the websites, newstations and media to replay the footage of the Palastinians dancing and giving out candy on 9/11/2001. Pictures of the Arab nations partying and feeling victotious would have reminded us why we are still fighting the war and who is the enemy. But, in the name of “making everyone feel good”, we pretend as if the attack of 9/11 was by 19 sick individuals (maybe they were Republicans, maybe they were religious Christians, or was it the Jews) who thank Goodness perished on that sad day and now we can go on just living our lives in peace.

    Until we will learn from history, and replay it as it was, we will all relive soon, ch”v.

  19. The only thing that bothered me was that there was no mention anywhere of the fact that the yortzheit of all those holy Yiden who died on 9/11 is actually in 12 days time on 23rd Elul.

  20. On 9/11 I was a principal in a middle school-High school. I put the TV on in my office (we had a video player that also worked as a tv) and let it run, allowing any student who felt compelled to watch make use of it.
    Afterwards, a parent of a 12-year old complained to me that the scenes on the tv screen were not those she would have wanted her child to see.
    I asked Rav Shmuel Kamenetzky shli’ta if I had done anything wrong, and his response was that there was nothing wrong with showing it to children that age. He said it was a historic moment that they should internalize.
    I think the writer is a bit over-reacting….

  21. Where were you on 9/11/01? You sound like all those calling Irene “Hurricaine Hype”. You were comfortable and don’t want to be bothered reliving it. For those of us who were too-close-for-comfort, this helps the healing.

    May you never know what’s it’s like to be staring at two blazing towers in your face!

  22. I agree with the writer. If they had so much coverage on the events that took place on Tisha Be’av, when both Batie Mikdash were destroyed, maybe Mashiach would come! How come the same commentors above are not so sensitive to Tisha Be’av like they are with Sep. 11th?10th year, 20th year, 30th year, etc… It’s all shtusim! There is no basis in the Torah for these yearly commemorations! What about the Holocaust? If you try to have a commemoration (Yom Hashoa), you same phonies would say, it’s “zionist.” WHY THE DOUBLE STANDARD???

  23. if the internet and video cameras were around in the time of the Holocaust and when the beis hamikdash were around then there would be aton of articles— but we dont have videos from them–so we cant post them

  24. there is no cure for stupidity out there. and your comment proves that. also did your heart stop or did it ever work. there are so many important things about 9 11. but only people who actually think can appreciate it.

  25. To #24, Can this comment really have been written by someone who is “respected because he has had a close kesher with Rav Moshe ztvk”l and ybl”ct Rav Mintz”??

  26. Dear Broken In Brooklyn, Just wanted to say that I am in complete agreement with you. Try not to let all these comments bother you. Unfortunately, the hamon am have lost thier sensitivity to Torah values and apparently are simply incapable of understanding your point. It’s very sad, but this is the matzav today. Just wanted you to know that you are not alone.

  27. All you people that say its “overdone” have lost your mind!!! This was a terror attack on all of humanity!! They wanted and killed Jews & Gentiles alike Men, Women & children!! if it happened so close to home (including some of our friends and family) doesnt it deserve that we shed a tear on the day??

    Matzav, it was not enough!! never enough!!

  28. To # 9:
    You are dillusional! When some degenerate “reporter”, screams “Oh my God”, you think he’s concentrating on HKB”H?! Aderabah, he’s saying it altz kifira! He has Taynus! How can God do something like that? Me, filthy low life “reporter”, know better than GOD,R”L! Stop thinking like a Goy!

  29. Matzav posted this article knowing they would get the response they did i.e. that the writer is rediculous!
    cutos to matzav on the coverage and cutos to matzav for publishing this letter to get the feedback they did!
    I absolutely disagree with the writer!

  30. It’s amazing how selfish and narrowminded people of today’s generation have become! Horrifying is more like it! If 9/11 didn’t shake you to the core, nothing will. There’s a time for Torah and a time for other matters. Don’t try to hide your words and thoughts under the banner of “Frumkeit”. Our grandparents were not like this-FAR from it. Their Emunah was rock solid but they still lived on this world. If only we’d come close to their toenails,we’d be in great shape. Enough said.

  31. I don’t think it was overdone at all. We felt it to the core because we lived through it, and unfortunately the hatred and drive to harm have not gone away. These deaths were symbolic of more than death- how can anyone not feel the anguish of those who died this way.

  32. In response to #32

    Re: if it happened so close to home (including some of our friends and family) doesnt it deserve that we shed a tear on the day??

    Of course! Absolutely! It goes without saying!
    …But this incredibly very sad yahrtzeit is on the 23rd day of Elul – not on September 11

  33. As another poster so aptly wrote, it is sad that so many seem to be so far removed from true Torah values, that it seems they simply do not get it.

    I was in Tower 1 on that horrifying life-altering and world-as-we-knew-it changing morning. With immense gratitiude to Hakodosh Boruch Hu, I escaped with my life. Another relative unfortunately did not. Each year our entire extended family gathers for a yahrtzeit seudah and a seudas hodah on the 23rd day of Elul. We cry plenty, but we cry on the yahrtzeit – not on 9/11. And no, the tenth yahrtzeit will be no different than last years….

    Rabbosai, being frum Torah yidden, is not just a label; it means actually living our lives accordingly.

  34. To #1:pls share with us details of the amazing view you have from the intl’ space station. Tomorrow’s lesson – using the on/off switch on your browser.

  35. Re: It’s amazing how selfish and narrowminded people of today’s generation have become!

    It’s amazing that even a comment from someone who actually lost a relative on 9/11 and who himself was saved by about 3 minutes is not posted becuase of “frum politics”, i.e. it makes the frum olam uncomfortable…. Halevai!

  36. “Troll” is what I call posters like those. All s/he wanted was attention.
    And while we’re at it, thank you so much, Matzav for providing videos so that we should be able to watch them on a kosher site. Thanks for catering to the frum oilem.


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