The Matzav Shmoooze: Netanyahu for….President


netanyahuDear readers,

Sara Netanyahu once said during a family gathering that if her husband had run for president of the United States, he would easily be elected (assuming, of course, that he were legally allowed to run ). Indeed, in Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s address before both houses of Congress Tuesday, he made impressive use of all the tools of an experienced and sharp-tongued American politician. The extent of the applause he received throughout his speech shows that the many years he spent in the United States as a high school, college and graduate student, as a deputy chief of mission at the Israeli Embassy in Washington and as an ambassador to the United Nations were not wasted time.

Netanyahu proved that he has no Israeli equal when it comes to plucking the strings of American patriotism and of the wish of Congress members to preserve their close ties with the large Jewish organizations.

Netanyahu has shown that he is far superior to the the inept politicians being put up by the GOP.

I say: Netanyahu for president, as a Republican.

Would you vote for him?

I sure would.

Y. L.


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  1. Bingo! This idea is on people’s minds in America. Obama thinks he is such a good speaker? Netanyahu has blown him away with one hand tied behind his back. They said Netanyahu was polite, kind, principled, and powerful. Let the world see!

  2. I for one would vote for him! Thing is I think he does carry dual citizenship, and so he should join shwartznigger who started a few years ago pushing for a bill to allow a non born U.S. citizen to run! Also now that Pres Obama’s own citizenship isn’t hundred percent accurate, and he lived in Indonesia, Kenya, let them join hands in pursuing a bill to allow a non born U.S. citizen to run! How ironic this would be, Seeing bibi and Obama joining hands in pushing such a bill, come to think about it Bibi is probably more American then Obama!

  3. Rush Limbaugh said that he should get a Hawaiian birth certificate and run for President.
    B”H Israel has someone like him representing it. (And he has a beautiful family too with two of his children being religious.)

  4. i think bibi and obama would make a real hard race BOTH SPEAK ALOT AND TO LIITLE maybe they should study masechtus avos together ”EMOR MAT VASAY HARBE”

  5. It’s a pity. Bibi should’ve been born a few years earlier. His brother Yonatan z”l was born in New York.

  6. I think bibi would make a great president and like all other comments we can easly get him a birth certificate like pres obama and get trump to be his running mate so he won”t make proplems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. PM Netanyahu would make a great president for America. He has education and experience in politics…but most of all he has common sense and wisdom. He is a master of Presidential rhetoric…but it is sincere. Someone compared his ability to speak with Obama’s. There is no contest here. PM Netanyahu speaks from the heart where Obama speaks from the teleprompter. Obama represents the interests of his backers and their socialist agenda…Netanyahu has the interests of Israel above all. He is a patriot. He speaks directly and is well informed, he is credible. When some said he was rude to President Obama, that wasn’t true. He was honest. PM Netanyahu would not lie to Obama…nor shrink from an honest representation of the interests of Israel. For this he’s to be admired. Since Obama has already set a precedence for being President without definitive proof he was born in the U.S….we should be able to elect Benjamin Netanyahu without issue! He has already spoken more directly to the hearts of the American people of the basic principles and values we share with Israel. And we believed him..every word…and it was a very good feeling.

  8. Response to No. 3….more American

    Yes, being an American is like being an Israeli…it comes from the heart..from love of tradition and heritage..and love of God. It is about love – when you have it, it shows and when you don’t, it shows.


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