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faye-gittel-shisgalDear Editor,

Our baby girl was born on Sunday, the day of the levaya of Rebbetzin Faye Gittel Shisgal a”h.

In Yiddish, GITTEL means TOVA. We saw somewhere that in English, FAYE is like FAITH – confidence, trust, belief…

Is there any connection in Yiddish? Does FAYE have to do with bitachon, emunah, etc.?

Even our rov, a special and humble talmid of Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l, Rebbetzin Shisgal’s father, does not know the meaning of FAYE in Yiddish.

Do any Matzav readers know the meaning of FAYE in Yiddish?

And does anyone know how to ask the surviving family about the meaning of FAYE so that perhaps we would name our baby girl after their mother/sister, FAYE GITTEL? We’d like our baby girl to have the special blessing of being named after such a special Rebbetzin.

Thank you.

The K Family

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  1. My humble suggestion is that if Reb Moshe named her that .he must have known what he’s doing. So name her and find out the meaning later

  2. If you change it to the “meaning” it’s not her name anymore. Rav Moshe zt”l would give the meaning if he felt it was important. All yiddish names have a Kiddusha. The real and only way your wish can be accomplished that you should get the most out of it is by calling her exactly the way she was called (b’tmeemus) without knowing what it means. Hashem should help the name should be la’areechas yomim vi’shonim and she should be a tzideikus.

  3. BTW that was Rav Moshe mothers name also. For those of us who remember Davening for him when he was sick.It’s someone with that name gave birth to a boy who became R Moshe Feinstein I wouldn’t worry so much what the name means

  4. I took a quick look at perhaps the best book on Ashkenazic Jewish given names, Dictionary of Ashkenazic Given Names –
    Their Origins, Structure, Pronunciation, and Migrations, by Alexander Beider, and it seems to connect Faye to Tsiporah. Tsiporah (bird in Hebrew) —–> Faige (bird in Yiddish) —-> Faye.

  5. Ask Rav Dovid Cohen, the posek. He wrote a sefer on Yiddish names. Or Rabbi Krohn the mohel did something similar.

    Can’t blame them for wanting to know what it means to have more kavana in naming her.

  6. Comment to everyone …
    We thank you for your input and bless everyone with nachas and closeness to Hashem personally and for all of Klal Yisroel!!

    Comment to #12 …
    Oh – thank you!
    How can we contact Rav Dovid Cohen? .. yes, it will be very meaningful in addition to naming her this blessed name exactly – to also know the meaning for ourselves and our other children and so we can share it with family members who do not know Yiddish as well.

  7. What an absolutely beautiful name for a beautiful little girl born to such a beautiful family, named after such a beautiful woman, who was named after a beautiful woman. Such love!!! The perfect name!

  8. There is a tradition that parents selecting a name are guided by a kind of Ruach Hakodesh to select the right name that fits the childs Neshama.


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