The Matzav Shmoooze: Let’s Save Ateres Tzipora Together


Dear Matzav,

Ateres Tizpora is an absolutely wonderful girls school in Lakewood, NJ, that really tries to take in as many girls as possible. They go by the motto “CAN WE HELP THE GIRL?” It has a pretty decent open door policy for a majority of the girls looking for a school.

The school has a wonderful flavor of different mixtures of backgrounds and girls are thought to integrate and be accepting of the different backgrounds within frum yiddeshkeit. THEY WANT to help as many girls as possible. They really do. If they have the means of helping a girl they do their best to accept and to make it happen. Unfortunately the school experienced a hard few years between funding and negative lashan hara – possibly because they aren’t the mainstream cookie cutter type of school. It’s an absolute shame that there are funding issues. It’s a very small school that has plenty of room for our sweet neshamos to feel at home.

The school has been around for about 11 years and has a wonderful approach to chinuch. Girls come to school smiling and leave smiling. It’s really a home away from home for the girls and in many cases a refuge for girls who deal with struggles at home.

Mrs. Insel (the very dedicated principal) always finds the time in her hectic day to give a hug to the girls that need the love. The care and love she has along with her unbelievable dedicated staff is truly inspiring. I really think families should consider sending their girls to such a loving environment. Give your girls a flavor of ahavas yisroel the way it should be.

Every girl deserves a place! Every girls should feel the care and love they deserve! Every girl deserves to live a life without rejection! Every girl!! Period. Every parent should have a feeling of acceptance. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO C’V FEEL THE PAIN OF REJECTION.

To Ateres Tzipora and staff: Thank you so much for the love you have showed my daughters these past few years. I truly bentch the school from the bottom of my heart as I am sure many other parents are. I wish you all the hatzlacha in continuing your holy work.

I hope you don’t have to shut your door due to funding issues. As a community we should recognize the avodas hakodesh Ateres Tzipora is doing and help them in their time of crisis.

Ateres tzipora is there for our sweet little girls. We should now as a community be there for them.

Thank you.

A very grateful and trembling parent



  1. Reminds me of other small schools that are idealistic and really try to help every student. Today unfortunatly only the big mosdos have connections for government major funding and the little schools suffer. We have a similar situation here in Brooklyn.

    • which country are you from? there is NO government funding for private schools… schools operating funds come from tuition and donations…

      • Government gives yeshivas lunch programs,bus service,extra help for students in need of study help as well as books. Yes they don’t give cash like to public schools because our community elects liberal democrats who support separation of church and state. If Trump has the right Congress and senate in place then yeshivas would be funded. Vote republican. Register to vote.

        • private schools should get funding? so they can pick and choose who to accept. but accept the same dollar that would go to public schools that dont have a problem taking a “otd” kid or someone a yeshivah deems not appropriate? why?

  2. I teach in a high school that takes in girls of all backgrounds. A number of our students come from Ateres Tzipora. They wind up as healthy, adjusted, torah’dik n’shei Yisroel. Ateres Tzipora is making a big difference in the lives of so many. If you are in a position to help out, it is a huge zechus, one that will bring inestimable dividends for generations.

  3. I have 2 girls at Ateres Tzipora. It truly is a wonderful place for my kids. I think it would be helpful if a means of contact info or a way to help be provided in the above post.

  4. No girls school should open until every girl has a school.

    No mesivta should open until every mesivta had at least one bochur.

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