The Matzav Shmoooze: Jackson Bans Basketball Hoops


Dear Matzav,

Jackson N.J. is acting un- American. Recently there has been a couple of Eruvs placed in the ROW in Jackson, which some of the local watchdog groups did not like. When questioned, the frum residents explained that they did not know that there was a issue being that hundreds of other things existed in the ROW and were not enforced.

The township of Jackson’s next move was shocking. Instead of sitting down and trying to understand why Eruvs are  needed they started issuing violations to over 300 residents who all have basketball hoops in the ROW. Enforcement is not the answer, rather mutual understanding and working together is.

While perhaps in the winter a hoop in the street can lead to harm to a snow plow, a basketball hoop on the ROW can not. Perhaps allow a waiver for the summer and not the winter. For a town to be so aggressive is shocking and sad. Sudden enforcement is illegal  and un -american. Taking down  our children’s hoops is not the way to govern and is quite pathetic.

Kids need a outlet. With the increase usage of drugs in our country is Jackson acting in a intelligent fashion and taking away our children’s safe and healthy past time.

A Jackson Resident


  1. I have no rachmanus. You guys claimed anti-semitism for every stupid thing. You’re the boy who cried wolf. Sorry. Follow the rules, Jackson residents, or move out.

  2. Tell your rebuke the blacks and latinos who are the leaders in street crime. Yeshiva people don’t mug anyone or paint graffiti in the streets.

  3. Who told you to move to a hostile, anti-Semitic town in the first place? I wouldn’t move to Jackson even if you paid me.

  4. Jackson is number 14 on the list of safest cities in America. More safe than Lakewood or monsey. That’s why it pays for young Yeshiva couples to buy homes there. It’s cheaper and closer to get to their Yeshiva each morning by car. They don’t get stuck in traffic from that direction. My advice is buy today. Prices are cheap anywhere between 200 and 380 a one family home not connected to other houses. Be smart. Buy cheap. This is advice from someone who bought many buildings when Boro park was 30 to 100 thousand dollars a house. I bought some buildings for 40 thousand dollars. Today Chinese want to buy it for four million dollars. Jackson is the place to go. My advice to the young kollel chevra. You won’t regret it. It’s safest jewish community in all of America. Hatzlocha.


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