The Matzav Shmoooze: Is Oscar de la Renta’s Death Jewish News?


keyboardDear Editor,

For all its upsides and downsides, my family chooses Matzav for news because it’s the most filtered, with no open forums or say-what-you-want comments.

I just want to suggest something. Every time you post something like the death of Oscar de la Renta, some comments will come up with: “Why is this news for a Jewish site?”

I venture that there are two types of Matzav readers:

1. Log on and quickly see the insular news in the Jewish world.

2. Keep abreast of all current events, in a kosher venue, with only the “clean” news.

The number 1s are opposing this news item and many others, while the number 2s appreciate knowing this and even more in a kosher click.

Maybe you can have two tabs, one for Jewish news and one for world news.

Or maybe you can subdivide your site, and have a site or something like that that will only show the key Jewish items. In so doing, you can even widen the “not particularly Jewish” content, since whoever doesn’t want it is not seeing it.

Just a thought.

A Reader de la Renta

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  1. What about horrible videos? Is it Jewish to WATCH people get run over by a car or beaten or… I am not a Rabbi but there MUST be something wrong with that. Read about it, say oy, say tehillim…. but posting videos is turning someone else’s tzaros into reality TV and desensitizing us.

  2. Very good idea.
    The real problem, as I see it, is that too much news, which is really not critical for everyone to know, has created a tremendous amount of bitul Torah. It’s all presented in a kosher way, but do we really need to know about everything going on in the world? Where does one draw the line? In the old days, newspapers were a lot thinner, covered less news, and had more divrei Torah, of higher quality.
    I recall a story told about Reb Elchonon Wasserman, h”yd, who was once “caught” by a talmid looking at a newspaper. Reb Elchonon looked up from the newspaper, and when he saw the look on the talmid’s face, he reportedly told him “when you have gone thru Shas a few times, you can also look at a newspaper”.
    It is told about Reb Moshe Shmuel Shapiro, zt”l, Rosh Yeshivah of Be’er Yaakov, author of Kuntres HaBi’urim on many masechtos on Shas, that he once told his talmidim he was afraid of the din v’cheshbon he might have to give for the amount of time he read a newspaper while in a place where one cannot think in Torah, because maybe he spent a little bit too much time in there.
    How Matzav website will make a parnossah if the amount of news is reduced is another question….

  3. This is the prime mood of lost jewry that wants to “clean” up every thing that does not limit its gift to kosher kosher kosher clucking lisping kosher.
    We live in an integrated world.
    An obituary from time to time is not anti-Torah.
    Overall, it gives us dimension to see that all times are interrelated.
    That is Torah.
    So to this above “editorial”, get your kibbutz out of your moleset and learn that our world is not an insular caboose.
    And please, reserve your real needs of justified editorial control to a relevant issue that does not mean that the rest of our jewish feelings need to be involved in your convoluted conniption.


  4. #3Yerushalayim 5775
    You “messed” up the story

    WHAT HE said was:

    (translated) EVERY YID must find tzeit ,to read [clean] newspapers,TO WRITE to the newspapers, and to
    go thru Shas EVERY year


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