The Matzav Shmoooze: Frustrated With Gmail


gmail-logoDear Editor,

Gmail is one of the most popular email providers, but every time we get used to their design, they decide to change and “improve.” Can’t they leave well enough alone?

Last year they changed the “compose” feature. What a nightmare that was.

Now they messed around with attachments.

Am I and my co-workers at my business the only ones who feels like throwing stuff at my computer because the new email setup is so frustrating? Can’t Gmail just leave a decent product alone?

Frustrated In Far Rock

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  1. And I was about to change to gmail since Yahoo also decided to ‘upgrade’ in a very bad way. I’m still sure gmail must be better…

  2. This seems to be a part and parcel of the computer world. Why does Microsoft have to scrap XP? Works fine. Why did they have to change Office and make everything impossible to find? That’s the way it is. Sad.

  3. Yes. I imagine that you and your coworkers are the only ones that want to throw stuff at your computer since Gmail changed the compose button.

    If everyone were like you, we would be stuck back in the 1800s.

    Get with the program!

  4. Yes I share your frustration.It is one thing if Microsoft makes a bad product that every one hates (Windows 8).They change it to make money off sales on the new software.But what is Gmails motive for making things harder?

  5. same with yahoo mailt hey keep changing it i cant take it it gets worse each revision who ar ethe ppl behind these changes

    note no i dont use yahoo i just use yahoo mail and no we get no ads on the side.

  6. AGREE!!!

    I know 2 people who always complain to me about it.

    “I don’t want to press yes and accept to these changes but it forces you!!”

  7. Why don’t you use Microsoft Outlook for your emails? You can set up to send/receive any email addresses in it, and everything can be organized exactly how you like it. It’s amazing and I’ve been using it to receive my gmail emails for years and years

  8. I have a good solution to this frustrated letter writer. Use your phone or snail mail everytime you want to communicate with someone. If Gmail is so problematic for you, anytime you need to send an attachment, send a fax or a telegram, you probably find faxes annoying as well

  9. I switched to after my Gmail account was hacked and could not be investigated. Gmail was always hard to view and use easily on a desktop. Outlook is far better, and I have had no security problems.

  10. Gmail dosnt have all the preetzus that Yahoo and aol / Msn have. thats why whoever still logs in to yahoo to check mail will have to give a major din V’cheshbon!!!!!


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