The Matzav Shmoooze: From a Proud Non-Watcher


superbowl-xlviiDear Friends,

Last night, I am proud to say, I didn’t watch a second of the Superbowl. I am really proud of it. I love America, but what a nutty country we have that people make a religion out of a football game played by two teams that most people don’t even root for or know anything about.

And this year, most of the ads were released beforehand, so you didn’t need to watch the broadcast for the over-hyped commercials. You were able to catch them all online.

I won’t even get into the bitul zeman, hashkafah and tznius issues.

The whole Superbowl is a sham, though it keeps people off the streets and crime and traffic are way down during the game. So I guess it is not worthless, but dumb it is.

Any other proud non-watchers out there?

Yanny M.

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  1. I watched most the pregame show via the internet stream (we don’t have a television) through the national anthem, and then went back to learning. It was nice to have someone sing it who didn’t have to struggle with the high notes and wasn’t an embarrassment! And the quick shot of our soldiers in Afghanistan was very moving.

    But the presentation of the teams reminded me of Roman gladiator games.

  2. What does it take to Refuse to see a Superbowl and then think your dignity is based on your own rehearsed incompetent digression of anticipated disorder among jewish minds to be blessed by the pen of another person who you think was “doing the right thing” by avoiding True Common Day American Culture? Are you really a man of Torah or just a man who has an oaf of an office asking for atonement from your own limited desire.

    You can certainly skip the superbowl and I could care less.

    But to tell America it is a shunned occurrence and you have the right of way and need to promote intolerance and objurgate guilt and pessimism for many who enjoy a very friendly experience to me seems antisocial and irreligious.

    You may be a common blessing in your Yiddishkeit and I hope you are a True Orthodox Jew, but your capacity to smear very simple Jewish experiences of hope and pride in some situations of the secular world is a fools paradise.

    Good luck and stay away from the water cooler.

  3. “I won’t even get into the bitul zeman”

    but posting what a huge tzaddik you are on a website it not bitul z’man?

  4. I’m not sure what the point of your letter is? Is it to tell everyone what a tzadick you are or to put then all the pepole that watched it? Most pepole that I know that watched it use it as a kosher outlet (obiously only if they didn’t watch the halftime show) and I think today with all the shmutz out there this is the best you will get. So if you didn’t need the outlet great but do you have to actually make a public announcement about it?

  5. I didn’t even touch a link to view it.

    I’m like 60% of these people never followed football anyhow… but all of a sudden you need to watch it cus’ it’s the “super bowl”

    it is a good excuse to have a party 🙂

  6. I guess whoever didn’t watch, is a non watcher. I’m sure there are millions of them out there…all the excitement about NOTHING. People kicking a ball……..yaaaay.

  7. From the tone of your self congratulating post it does not sound like you follow sports. Do you have any vices (other then the need to post your massive accomplishments) how dare you make lite of others, I can’t even say nisoyon because it is not for sure assur. To this poster do you learn every free second and have no relax time? Seaming lay not you had time to go on line and post how great you are. You go online (which may also be assur) and others watch sports.

  8. Sports was a entertainment in the world since ancient times. It has been a big test to our faith throughout our history. Besides the time wasted in it. the rudeness the arrogance the profanity and the terrible reality that people can express their emotions to the extreme at these games while they seem to loose that passion when it comes to Yidishkait! I wish that all that time and excitement is invested in those games will be invested for the cause of Judaism.

  9. You can feel personal pride and happiness as a non watcher, if u like.
    I was a “sidekick listener”, hearing the game as someone else listened. So what!! Was able to accomplish my responsibility as an other listened (enjoyed – perhaps – not the winning team). The entire hoolabalu over the YES GAME or NO GAME is the waste of time, bitul zeman & hashkafa. (By listening you avoid the tznius issues)

  10. What amazes me the most is there are so called frum yidden that advertise their business offering “specials” lekovoid the Superbowl. There are thousands of shomrei torah umitzvois that gather together and make a kevius out of watching this shtusim. How shameful

  11. yanny.why do you love america? it is full of immorality,people obsessed with money, dumb politics, full of crime, terrible role models in politics and in the media, a president nobody respects, a terrible educational system. it has freedom, but at what price?

  12. the sheer absurdity of watching the super bowl reins in the galactic nonsense usually associated with with glacial dandruff.let us be resolute in the antimission of absolute rigidity in its multihued contours.

  13. give yanny a break and a grosse yasher koach. i am sure that for you it was a grester nisayon. alay vhatzlach. theyre just jealous or stamm laitzanim

  14. It says a lot of society as you see grown adult men and women on Sunday wearing their official NFL jersey with their ‘favorite’ player on the back…Like I belong to the great club! We are really going down the tubes….

  15. you should be very proud of yourself. & I would like to let you know that I also did not watch anything of it (not that I care I bit) neither do I even know the final score.

    May Hashem give anyone-like you-that stood up for Hashem & didn’t waste their time with this shtus, endless Hatzlacha in all their needs, & may Hashem always be there for you when you call out to him in your time of need

    KEEP UP your amazing ruchnius

  16. I am a proud watcher! I saw the game with friends. It was nice to spend time with them. Do you have any vices do you have a way to relax? Mine is to follow sports, is that worse then someone who needs to post on how great they are, that they don’t have a yetzer horah for one thing yet spends time watching commercials online?!?

    Please if you had a strong urge to watch it and instead went to the bais medrish to learn, great. But from the tone in your post you do not follow sports, and from the haughtiness of your post you probably do not have friends to watch it with anyways.

    Sorry for being so blunt and direct, but this self grandeur mentality is much worse then spending a day with friends watching football. and to leave the post as it is will be a error in priorities!

  17. Raising hand. I can enjoy a sports game but I have a hard time with football because of the violence. No matter how well compensated these guys are I couldn’t be entertained knowing that one of those players if not more, I don’t know the statistics, may suffer future neurological impairment.

  18. Yes. I went with my son to a special Avos Ubanim Program in Rav Eisen’s Shul, in Flatbush. B”H it was well attended & a tremendous Kiddush Hashem. Yes it has become a religion where most of these people making Super Bowl “parties” don’t even know a touchdown from a touch-back! They just do it lishem “party”. Anything to be an Avariyan!

  19. Really? You didn’t watch at all? That’s great!! We are so so proud of you! Please tell us more! What else do you do or don’t do that makes you such a big tzaddik! I think you should write a weekly column telling us how amazing you are.

  20. Go get him WALK IN MY SHOES!! agree %100!! i feel like we would be good buddies! maybe we should watch it together next year…!!

  21. Gosh, I posted a nice comment to discuss why this article is against Kosher Ways of Israel. It was not printed. No surprise. Jews who do not limit their lives to poverty in the world are shunned today. It would be better to be a jew and watch the superbowl each year than to shun human development and suffer Hashem’s disappointment. But alas, you have your priorities huh? G-d bless America.

  22. I watched Sports this weekend and my faith in Torah explained that the future was going to be good for jews in America. And then I read my Tanakh and realized that the blasphemy of hatred of sports was a fraud that can not be solved by the poor minds that want to destroy Israel from within. Good luck. And by the way, stay far away from the water cooler.

  23. I watched the game. But this was the only game i watched the whole season. I did follow basically througout the season, so to watch the biggest game of them all i think is ok. But when it comes down to it, it all depends on the individual. May we all overcome our tests, trials, and tribulations.

  24. Well, I was out of touch! UntiI Sunday, I didn’t know which teams were playing, I thought it was during the day, not at night, and I was startled to hear that 110 million people watched. (One third of the US population!) To me, that explains why Pres. Obama was elected and re-elected. Yes, I used to know all about those thinga, many years ago. That was then, now is now.

  25. In what way was the Superbowl a sham? Do you think it was not actually held? To you think the results were rigged? Do you think the coaches, officials or players were engaged in some sort of fraudulent activity?

    I understand you may not agree with the Superbowl, but I’m confused how you could possibly think that it was a sham?

    The Wolf



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